Zopf Switzerland Food

About The Zopf Food: The Zopf Swiss Food is a bread type which is made of white flour,milk, eggs, butter and yeast.The preparation of Zopf is with egg-yolk as the dough is brushed with it and it leads to a golden crust on it.The Zopf bread is baked in the form of plait and has a tradition of eating on Sunday mornings.It also has different variants such as Swabia also known as Hefekranz and Zopf is distinguished from it as it somewhat sweeter in taste.The name is German and French which is derived from shape of bread which also literally means "braid".

The Zopf Swiss Food is probably one of the most famous Swiss food and unlike most of the Swiss bread it has more of milk and butter giving it a lovely texture.The Zopf is one of the most sold breads in the supermarket and it remains a treat in many families on Sundays.The food is mostly used in breakfast or brunch and is eaten with butter and jam along with butter and honey.The butter and Birnendicksaft also goes well with the Swiss food and Nutella is another food material which goes well with this particular Swiss bread.The food carries the notion of Swiss tradition about one dish at a time which makes it as a better option as the food is complemented with almost no other dish.

For normal dish,White Zopf can use Zopfmehl(Zopf Flour).Also, if you live in Switzerland you can use just plain flour to make it and if you live abroad and you don’t have any Zopfmehl at home then mix it with some brown and white flour or also spelt flour along with anything else and then make a brown Zopf.

How to make Zopf Swiss Food:

The Zopf Swiss Food can be easily prepared even at home and here is the recipe for one loaf:

. 500 Gram flour

. 1.5 tablespoon salt

. 1 tablespoon sugar

. 20 gram fresh yeast or 7gram (1 tablespoon) dried fast-action yeast

. 3 Dl milk, lukewarm

. 60 gram soft butter

. 1 Egg

Preparation of Dough:

. The mixing of flour and salt in a bowl while adding yeast, sugar, butter and milk while kneading a soft dough.The dough takes 10 minutes to prepare by hand and 4 to 5 minutes while using a machine.Then put the cover and let the dough grow for about one hour until the size gets doubled.

. Cut the dough in two or either four pieces of same size and

weave it just like a plait.

. Put the bread on a sheet metal while covering it with back paper and then sweep it with water.Then let it grow for about 30 to 60 minutes.

. Before baking sweep it with egg yellow

. Bake it for about 45 to 55 minutes and then lower part of the preheated oven at about 200 degree Celsius (400 Degree Fahrenheit)

How to weave a Zopf:

There are many different ways to weave Zopf.First,cut the Zopf into two pieces of same size and then twiddle each to 60 Cm or 24 inches.Also,put it in a long roll and then put thinner towards the end.Also,you can cross in the center or put the top right end to left low and also left end to the top right.Now,put the top left end to right below and also put low right end to top left and continue until no more dough is left.Now,just press ends and put the below bread. Similarly,a four pieces of dough is prepared to make a good Zopf Swiss Food.