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Switzerlandme.com offers tour and travel services to explore Switzerland country top tourist places. Switzerland is a country which is known for it's tourism and it has an estimated 2.6% or CHF 16.8 Billion of the Switzerland's Gross Domestic product although it is a fluctuating income but certainly it is a country with great tourism prospects and has many visitors. The country has seen lot of people particular from Movie Industry getting into the picturesque locales and get the best of the movie depiction from it. Also, the character by the name of Arthur Canon Doyle's “Sherlock Holmes” took his last breathe here and it is the country known for the first organized tourist holidays to Switzerland which was as early as 19th Century.

The Switzerland is known for it's picture-perfect locations and also the Switzerland's is known for its glaciers around Alps mountains and the meadows which could be seen all around at the base of the Alps. With some very nice valleys full of flowers and the Alpine air with beautiful scent flowing all through giving a great place for medical tourism as well for those who love to get into the mode of quick lungs recovery. The country offers some off-beat tourism as it is known to offer adventure lovers and mountain biking along with skiing, paragliding and skydiving are some of the best ways of fulfilling the adrenaline rush which happens every other day to few enthusiasts.

It is always better to have a guided tour as most of the time people just could not make out to understand what should be inclusive in the tour. They also do not understand that how many places should be included in the tour which can last for 7-10 days or more and in case if you look ahead to stay more it could turn out to be expensive as the country is very expensive in terms of expenditure. Now, thinking about the other factors in mind since there is many things to see and many other things to do it could be difficult to make the itinerary and thus finding the right tour operators here help in the most possible manner.

Here are some of the places which could be considered as an offbeat destinations and certainly it could give you a better escapade at Switzerland along with exploring many places within less times:

. Lauterbrunnen: The Lauterbrunnen is called the valley of 72 waterfalls and is very picturesque along with it is a Swiss village where one could get a comfortable home stay and the region is Jungfrau which is all known for the beautiful landscapes.

. Chateau De Chillon: The Chateau De Chillon is one of the castles and is known to be at Montreaux. The entire region comes under the frequently visited historic buildings found in Switzerland and it is made up of 25 buildings along with 3 courtyards.

Similarly, the other places are Lake Geneva, The Albula / Bernina Railways and Interlaken which has made the county a significant tourist destination.

Although, there is no particular season to visit Switzerland but certainly one has to keep in mind about the visa restrictions as it comes under the Schengen country and the Visa needs to be taken in advance for many of the Asian nations including India which is valid for 90 days. So, it is always better to get the right package through the tour operators as it helps in terms of convenience and hassle free booking for any specific tour such as honeymoon or other related travels.

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