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Privacy Policy

The website like any other web-page is always protected by the privacy policy and it helps in protecting the interest of the investors and the shareholders along with the people who buy the package from it. The privacy policy is known to be keeping the value of the personal data and do not share it unless it is necessary wherein it is the details related to “Date of Birth” along with Credit and Debit card details and the transaction done which comply with the rules and regulations under the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection(FADP). Like the other website our website is also operated by the strict guidelines and adhere to it.

The privacy Policy is all according to the policy guided and defined by the subsidiaries related to the company and the company shares it's numbers along with office details over the web-page which helps in handling practices along with understanding the right data handling practices under the responsible supervisory authority.

The privacy policy also states according to the terms and conditions of use along with reserving the right with the sole discretion to change along with modifying the website, terms and conditions. The adding or removing the website portion through any changes along with accepting the changes whether or not one views them.

1. Scope: The is also owned and operated all according to the details which is covered under the published articles or the blogs as it gives the tourist an opportunity to visit the places which is covered under the package and stick to the words along with details mention in website.

2. Restrictions on the use of materials: The otherwise specific details along with the non-exclusive limited right to access and also non-transferable tour packages which includes the tickets and hotel reservations making it a valuable one under the rules mentioned by IATA and other Swiss tour operators.

3. Becoming a registered use or a commercial partner: Also, one could become a registered user who could be a tour operator and one has to comply with services and features which is offered o website along with agreeing on the frequent changing tour packages all according to the seasons and the price mentioned in it need to be followed in terms of purchase. Also, the payment policy and percentage offered on per ticket and package for the tours can become a variable in terms of change.

4. Newsletters and other mailings: The newsletter and other mailings could be found could be sent on your e-mail once you subscribe to the website. The purpose behind is the direct marketing and further find the e-mail in your inbox on a regular basis. Also, a choice of text messages could be send to the registered mobile user and other services are defined for the user.

5. Conduct guidelines: The company strictly adhere to the policy and at times there can be changes in the policy along with the terms and conditions while the same could be said for the website user to follow the privacy policy along with going through it.

Any, violation of the terms and conditions could lead to prosecution and for any return policy one could be aware about the mention amount to be returned as there is nothing certain amount which will be fully refunded. The other thing needs to be understood is that any compliance is related to data security along with social media plug-ins and cookie policy is the same which needs to removing from the history of the browser at times.