The Matterhorn Zermatt Tour, Switzerland

The Matterhorn Zermatt Tour, Switzerland

About The Matterhorn Zermatt, Switzerland: The Matterhorn Zermatt Switzerland is mountain of the Alps and straddling to the main watershed and also the border between Switzerland and Italy.The large, near or the symmetric pyramidal peak in the extended Monte Rosa area along the Pennine Alps.The summit is 4,478 meters high which makes it one of the highest summits in the Alps and Europe.The four steep faces which rise above the surrounding glaciers and also face the four compass points and also got split by the Homli, Furggen,Leonel/Lion and Zmutt Bridges.The mountain also overlooks the Swiss town of Zermatt within the Canton of Valais and also the Matterhorn is an isolated mountain which was found by Swiss Explorer and Geologist Horace-Benedict de Saussure as “The Matterhorn” which was inspiration behind many modern theories of Geology.

How can Reach : The Matterhorn is located near of the Zermatt town in southern of the Switzerland country. It is well connected with Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne cities by road.

"Findelbach railway station" is the nearest railway station which is just 7.9 K M far from "The Matterhorn Zermatt". Tourists can get here train to Zurich and Geneva cities.

"Geneva Airport" is the nearest airport which is situated just 207.0 KM distance from "The Matterhorn Zermatt". Tourists can get here flights to domestic cities and international.

Locations: Aosta Valley, Switzerland

Summer Season : June to August

Winter Season : November to February

Elevation: 4,478 metres

First ascent Year: July 1865

Tourist Attractions: Snow Sport Gornergrat, Matterhorn glacier paradise, Matterhorn glacier ride, Rothorn, Matterhorn Museum, YokmoK Adventures, Breithorn, Monte Rosa

Things to Do: Mountain Hiking, 5 Lakes Walking, Skiing, Snowboarding, village experience, Mountain restaurants, Events

Zermatt Weather Temperature:

Months Temp. Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -0.8 -6.5 -3.5 0.2 4.2 7.4 9.4 8.4 6.4 1.9 -2.8 -6.5
Average High (℃) -0.1 1.9 6.4 10.5 15.0 18.7 21.1 20.1 16.8 11.1 4.7 0.8

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Distances from The Matterhorn Zermatt:

Geneva City: 191.3 KM

Lausanne City: 199.3 KM

Bern City: 259.7 KM

Zurich City: 379.9 KM

Basel City: 357.5 KM

Winterthur City: 400.8 KM

Lucerne City: 367.9 KM

St. Gallen City: 489.1 KM

Nearest Major Airport : "Geneva Airport" is a busy international and domestic airport of the Switzerland country which is located just 207.0 KM distance from The Matterhorn Zermatt. Tourists can get here domestic and international flights.

Bus Services: Buses services are available from "Geneva Airport" (207.0 KM) to Matterhorn Zermatt tour.

Taxi Services: Taxis services are available from "Geneva Airport" (207.0 KM) to Matterhorn Zermatt tour.

Nearest Train Station: Findelbach railway station (7.9 K M). Tourists can get here train to to Zurich and Geneva cities.