Visit The Bear Park, Bern, Switzerland

The Bear is an attraction in the open lands which are the forest where the wild grizzly brown bears could be found .While the bear park in Switzerland which are known to be found in the enclosures such as the Bern bear pit and many other similar places. The bear enclosures are famous beyond the Swiss borders with bears of Bern to be found within an enclosure of 6,000 square meter at their disposal and could be reached via a tunnel. The bear pit which see the easy way to display bears and used in entertainment along with bear-baiting gives the spectators an easy way to find the activity done by bears.

Guided tours for Bear at Bern:

The Bear at Bern has been kept since the year 1513 and with the home in Bern known for modern bear enclosures built in 1857 and renovation since 2009 with the spacious bear park having more bear at "the bear pit". The bear park in Switzerland at Bern is located on the banks of the Rive Aare and it stretches from former bear pit to the Old Town I.e. opposite to the Old Town to the river. The guided tours for bear at Bern and it also has the entire facility to be modern and more safe and also it is wheelchair-friendly making it easy for handicapped persons and those who need a little assistance for being old.

The bear activities which is most watched and cheered upon at the new bear parks are:

1. Watching the bear park at green hilly terrain

2. Bear caves which are found to be the home for bears

3. Bear bath in the Aare river

4. Plenty of other interesting activities associated with bears

Brown bears are found to be more with pet behaviour:

Brown bears have the tendency of being more humane and they are less into the mode of attacking which signifies their pet behaviour. The bear park in Switzerland has been associated with following the modern notion of human and animal interaction and it gives much care to the animal while teaching the humans across all age group through guided tours about the activities done by the bears and how the importance of the bears are found to be into the ecosystem.

The Barenpark (Bear Park) in Bern:

The Barenpark (Bear Park) has become a main attraction as the new park is larger and it has the pit with total size around 6,500 square meters. The bear park in Switzerland have more of interesting facts with zoo-like pits along with landscape of the new park ranges from the forest areas,hill slopes and the grasslands which is all created inside the enclosure to give a natural feel to the bears.

The bear park in Switzerland at Bern has given not only a new name but it has also found a feature on the town emblem along with the flag. The visitors at Bern has got many other tourist attractions to watch but the bear enclosures have become the biggest attractions. The animals have become a part of the featuring on the town hall to cakes and tourist souvenirs which shows the significance of animals in the life of humans.


Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October

Winter Season in Switzerland: November, December, January & Febrary