Swiss Chocolate Switzerland Food

About Swiss Chocolate Food: Switzerland is known for the world’s best chocolate and it still holds the same reputation.It can be said as because no other better place has emerge other than Switzerland and it is known to be having the best of Swiss Chocolate food.The place is known to have the smoothest,delicious confection and is also known to be the love of all people across all ages.The Swiss entered into chocolate making with more than a hot beverage but in 1819, Francois-Louis Cailler who are known to create the first chocolate bar.The 1875 was the year when Peter Daniel, the son-in-law of Francois-Louis Cailler has come up with the idea of adding milk to chocolate and thus reducing the costs to make it more palatable.

The Swiss Chocolate food is found to be out of a more common city called Lindt which is known for premium chocolate and confectionery center.The Lindt and Sprungli company is headquartered in Kilchberg,Switzerland and Switzerland is known to be the world’s highest per capita consumption of chocolate.The chocolate industry has become highly visible and also has the important sector of largest food industry in Switzerland which is about 1.5 billion Swiss francs or about $1.5 billion.The Swiss are known to produce Swiss Chocolate food worth 180,000 tons per year.The Alpenwild also features a Tour De Chocolat that is known to create delight to the most discerning in terms of chocolate lovers.

Schoggicerne which means chocolate cream is the food expressions every Swiss child loves and is also delicious with very popular amongt children and grown-ups alike.The Vanilla cream, caramel cream and also fruit based creams are equally popular as deserts in Switzerland.

Here is the recipe to make a Swiss chocolate food:


. 5 dl milk

. 1 tbsp vanilla Paste

. 2 tbsp sugar

. 1 tbsp corn starch

. 2 fresh eggs

. 100 gram dark chocolate

. 1dl whipping cream( Vollrahm)

Method to make Swiss chocolate food:

First of all put the milk, vanilla paste, sugar, corn starch and the eggs which is put into a saucepan and then stir it well until it is nixed.Then break the chocolate into small pieces and add it to the milk.The chocolate is heated up while the mixture is stirred continuously.Once it is boiled then let it cook until the chocolate has melted which takes about half minutes or less.The pan is taken off from the heat and stir for another 2 minutes.

Then pour the cream through a sieve into the bowl which eliminates any hard pieces from the egg or the corn starch. Then place some kitchen foil straight onto the cream and also let it cool down. Do not cover the cream with the foil until the outer layer will turn hard while cooling it down.

Once it gets cold just whip the whipping cream and also decorate the chocolate dessert with whipped cream and thus indulge in your sweet treat.

Thus, Swiss chocolate food not only satiate your hunger but also helps to serve through many more delicacies and the chocolates are loved the world over with many cooking classes teaching it to the people for enjoying it with family and friends.