Swiss Chocolate Factory Tour, Switzerland

Swiss Chocolate Factory Tour, Switzerland

The Swiss chocolate are known to be the best chocolate in the world and they are incredibly delicious. The Swiss are known to be having the highest annual consumption of chocolates and it is not a surprise to known that the country people are known to consume an impressive 10.5 Kg of chocolate per capita. The perfect chocolate lover needs to understand that the Swiss chocolate are incredible and the supermarket all along the Switzerland are known to be complete with shelves overflowing with endless chocolate. The Swiss Chocolate factory tour Switzerland are known to give popular pastime for the Swiss and they along with other people who come from foreign destinations make a visit to the chocolate factory:

The Swiss chocolate factory tour Switzerland could be done specifically at these particular places:

1. Maison Cailler in Broc: Cailler is one of the Switzerland's oldest existing chocolate brand and it has found it's origin in Vevey, which is one of the little town by Lake Geneva. The Swiss Chocolate factory tour Switzerland could be done here and since it is a family business one can know about the history of chocolate making in the beautifully designed visitor's center. The place is known to be helping with Swiss chocolates since 1819 and it is celebrating more than 200 Anniversary this year.

2. Camille Bloch in Courtelary: The Camille Bloch in Courtelary is a company which is known for it's two absolute favorite chocolates Ragusa and Torino. The Courtelary is also a fantastic place where one can buy different kinds of chocolates and also do the Swiss chocolate factory tour Switzerland since it has a mouth watering demo station which tells all about chocolate making and also give the taste of the authentic delicious outcome of the chocolates.

3. Maestrani's Chocolarium in Flawil: The Maestrani's Chocolarium in Flawil was founded in 1852 and it caters mainly to the supermarket Munz, Minor and Maestrani creations. The most popular sweet treats which could be found by this particular chocolate maker is the fruit jelly and it is very much popular around Easter. The sticky Bouchee Caramel Bars are another one which gives the company a bigger name and much of the sweets here are great with not less than a one-hundred meter long chocolate machine which makes chocolate at faster pace.

4. Chocolat Frey in Buchs AG: The Chocolat Frey in Buchs AG is known for it's Swiss Chocolate factory in Switzerland and if one talks about the international brands of chocolate then the few of them are Cailler, Toblerone and Lindt. The company which stands as the huge player in the Swiss chocolate making could be found to making the kind of stuff which just melts in the mouth.It is interesting to watch the chocolate making here and one could go for the Swiss chocolate factory tour Switzerland and know more about chocolate making which is nothing less than a fun here.

So, once you wish to know about all the chocolate making and join any workshop you can ask your tour operator to include you in a group of at-least four people if you are a solo and thus get the most out of the tour.


Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October

Winter Season in Switzerland: November, December, January & Febrary