Swimming Activity in Switzerland

The swimming is the best recreation as well as physical exercise which gives the body a well-managed way to get a great physique. There are indoor swimming along with outdoor swimming which is into lake, pond, rivers and sea. Although, the outdoor swimming needs to consider much of the safety features but it is certainly more exciting. The Swimming in Switzerland gives a great way of enjoyment for the family and kids thus giving the people a way to carry with the formalized sport which is also synchronized at certain levels.Also, many of the people bring laurels to the country once they get the best out of their swimming lessons and become competitive in sports.

Here are the few places which are well known to do swimming in Switzerland and make you along with your family feel special with the experience:

1. Caumasee: The swimming in Caumasee is one of the well known summer traditions with beautiful Alpine lake near Flims. The swimming along with rock jumping and paddle boats are the best form and swimming in Switzerland gives you the chill in water as even the summers could give the best of the cold water.

2. Valle Verzasca: The Valle Verzasca is one of the special place which is hard to describe as it is on the beautiful river in Ticino, near Locarno. The river is a bit dangerous as it has some big rapids and swift currents but many natural pools are made all along the river which are ideal for swimming in Switzerland.

3. Pfaffikersee: The Pfaffikersee is one of the beautiful lake near Zurich with the protected nature preserve which is found near the lakeshore. The Jucker firm is also found here around the lake and the lake is ideal for swimming as many people come with their swim suits and do put tents during sunset for camping.

4. Agerisee:The Agerisee is one of the small lake which is at the South-East of Zug and is nestled between the beautiful rolling green hills. The small lake has got two nice swimming area by the name of Strandbad Lido and Strandbad Oberageri which is on the North side of the lake. The people can reach their by the bike and found a nice picnic area which also see people going for the bonfire and is an ideal place for swimming in Switzerland.

5. Lauerzsee: Lauerzsee is the most ideal place for swimming in Switzerland which is a lovely little lake just at South of lake Zug. The swimming areas is often much warmer than other lakes which makes it ideal for kids to swim. There is also sandy shallow area for bouncy floats and diving platforms are also erected along with wading, paddling can be done in the water.It is also an ideal place for sunbathing and people come with family and kids to do much fun here.

6. Turlersee: The Turlersee is a lake which is close to Zurich and is completely surrounded by nature where one can do swimming near the rocky shore and also float in the water.One can also do swimming in the camps and make fun with kids which makes it an ideal place for swimming in Switzerland.

The other places for swimming in Switzerland are Walensee, Limmat river, Golzernsee and Lake Brienz where one could do swimming, kayaking and also use float which is an inflated tube to enjoy a kind of boating in Switzerland.


Swimming Locations in Switzerland


Location 1: Obere Matte, Beatenberg, Switzerland


Location 2: Wasserwerkstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland


Location 3: Rue Hans Wilsdorf, Carouge, Switzerland


Location 4: Villars-sur, Ollon, Switzerland


Location 5: Zuben, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


Location 6: Mythenquai, Zurich, Switzerland


Location 7: Nationalquai, Luzern, Switzerland


Location 8: Mythenquai, Zurich, Switzerland


Location 9: Lutschinenstrasse, Bonigen, Switzerland


Location 10: Rue de la Plage, Villeneuve, Switzerland


Location 11: Marzilistrasse, Bern, Switzerland


Location 12: Chemin de la Piscine, Nyon, Switzerland


Location 13: Dachslernstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland


Location 14: Gewerbestrasse, Baar, Switzerland


Location 15: Strandbadweg, Thun, Switzerland


Location 16: Route des Falaises, Neuch√Ętel, Switzerland


Location 17: Adlisbergstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland


Location 18: Adlisbergstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland


Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October

Winter Season in Switzerland: November, December, January & Febrary