Rhine Falls Boating Activity in Switzerland

Rhine Falls Boating Activity in Switzerland

The Rhine falls boating in Switzerland is a waterfall which is located in the Switzerland and is the most powerful waterfall in Switzerland. The falls which is located in the high Rhine just along the border got formed in the last ice age which approximately were formed 14,000 to 17,000 years ago. The tourism has been a major factor of contribution in the Switzerland's economy and the boating around Rhine falls gives the best panoramic view with the best of the visit time during the month of April and October. The May and June gives more of excitement as the amount of water is found to be in peak during these particular months.

Boat tours:

The boat tours on Rhine gives much adventure experience as the boatman takes it too close to the Rhine and the several boat tours also take to the middle of the falls. The Rhine falls boating in Switzerland is managed by the cruise company with boat tours and the boats are colorful with every boat ride consists of basic package where a certain amount is paid for the boat ride. The adventure trip to Switzerland cannot be said to be complete without taking a trip to Rhine falls.

Viewing platforms near the fall:

The viewing platforms are a part of the falls which could be seen on both sides of the Rhine and the heavy water force which could be seen coming out of the gorge is watched by the onlookers.

Tourist attractions around Rhine falls:

The tourist attractions around Rhine falls are although limited but are worth watching. Also, the Rhine falls boating in Switzerland gives a view of the Worth castle which could be found to be a major tourists attractions. The Worth Castle is a fortification in Swiss municipality of Neuhausen Am Rheinfall within the Canton of Schaffhausen. The castle is built on small island in Rhein River at the municipality with location on the small island which is washed by water of Rheinfall and literally means a river Island.


The Smilestones which could be one of the major tourist attractions is a modern miniature world and is the most beautiful and famous Swiss destinations is shown in the miniature form. The destinations such as Matterhorn, the Bernese Oberland and Interlaken are shown with many small and funny details to discover.


The Historama is an exhibition which is tells about the castle and Rhine falls and the details shared here are about blasting the Rhine falls to remove the obstacles to shipping traffic but it was not taken into consideration and still the ship cannot pass over Rhine falls.

How to reach:

The visiting to Rhine falls is a mass tourism and it could be seen that the nearby city is Schaffhausen is also associated with it. The railway station is “Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall” and also the other railway station by the name “Neuhausen Rheinfall” is associated with it. The other way to reach the waterfalls are either by car or also a bus which is another convenient and cheap way to reach the waterfall.

Rhine Falls Boating Location

Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October