Polenta Switzerland Food

About Polenta Food: Polenta is one of the dish which is made out of boiled cornmeal and is historically made from another grains. The Polenta Swiss food is served as a hot porridge and it maybe allowed to cool and solidify into a loaf which can either baked, grilled or fried. The variety of cereal used in Polenta is yellow maize but often it has bucket-wheat along with mixtures which maybe used to make dough. The coarse grinds make a firm shape and further a soft polenta. The Polenta is one of the staple food in Switzerland while it has a northern Italian, Swiss,Slovenian and Croatian cuisines also being a part of their food habits.

Polenta usually takes a long time to cook and it simmers four to five times within volume of watery liquid which at-least takes 45 minutes with the near constant stirring. The even spread or Gelatinization of starch is more necessary and the alternative cooking techniques has got invented speeding up the process which also requires constant supervision. The quick-cooking which can be done through instant mix or the precooked powders are are an easy availability and is not the choice of every home as it is considered to be inferior as compared to unprocessed Polenta Swiss Food. The adding of baking soda which was suggested by Cook’s Illustrated magazine reduces the time of cooking to 12 minutes and the near-stir-less method certainly competes with less traditional methods.

Although, it does not need any labour intensive work to make perfectly creamy and tender polenta while the food is often associated with dish.All you need is to frequently stir for about 45 minutes and not for an entire hour.Also,it is known as Bramata which is the Bundner name for coarse cornmeal or Polenta Swiss Food.

How to make Polenta Swiss Food:


. 2 Liters Salted water (About 4 to 5 times as much of the water to Corn Flour)

. 500 Gram Corn Flour (Freshly grounded, of course)

. Salt as per taste

How to prepare:

. Boil 1 liter of salted water in a copper pot over the fire in fireplace and set it with another liter by keeping it aside while adding during the cooking.

. Sprinkle in 250 grams of Polenta flour and stir it well to make Polenta Swiss food.

. Stir it well with a long wooden stick

. After 15 minutes, gradually add the rest of the water into it.

. Continue stirring for about an hour while the mixture gets completely cooked.

. Adjust salt to it and pour the Polenta into a wooden board while making a firm cut into slices using yarn.

. Serve warm to enjoy the delicacies.

It is said that everyone in Switzerland eats Polenta and it is known as Polenta Swiss Food. The Polenta has been known to be an ancient boiled mixture which is made from a variety of ground starchy grains or chestnuts. The staple cereal of farmers along with the rural communities in Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland for centuries got a better food option for many nations and was soon adapted by them.