Paragliding Activity in Switzerland

The paragliding in Switzerland is not only an activity but it is a sport which has been known for the enthusiast who go for the extreme adventures. The person who feels the adrenaline rush and want to get at the most exciting places which is found in Switzerland. The top 10 places which is known for enjoying the paragliding in Switzerland:

1. Zurich: The paragliding in Switzerland is some of the best in terms of protective gear and it gives immense pleasure to people while flying. The people who crave for adventure gets the best when one can soar high in clouds. The Zurich is known for the mountains of Uetilberg and is also one of the best as the sites are best for paragliding in Switzerland. The greater view of mountains as well as the panoramic views of the city along with lake Zurich is seen from here.

2. Geneva: The city of Geneva which is known not only for the paragliding in Switzerland but has given the world a place which is knwon for the Headquarters for World Bank, UNESCO and many other corporate. Paragliding is done here by the people of higher level who are head-honcho of the corporate world and also it gives them the rush of blood in mind which is more soothing at times.

3. Lauterbrunnen: The Lauterbrunnen is all about the colossal rock formation along with snow covered peaks which gives a great understanding to people about taking the danger from the head-front. The entire mountain landscape is known for paragliding but it attracts a lot of danger which gives much experience and the sights of beautiful Alpine meadows can be also seen.

4. Interlaken: Interlaken is the adventure capital of Switzerland and the paragliding in Switzerland is known as the best way to take yourself higher and then get grounded at the grass fields of Interlaken. The towering Alps remain the backdrops of this Switzerland city. The Beatenberg is one of the best vantage points here and it gives the plunge and experience with tandem and the paragliding in Interlaken gives much in the form of excitement and adventure.

5. Davos: The Davos is one of the beautiful terrain which has rugged topography along with the scenic trails with the best of paragliding in Switzerland. The trails during the winter months also get covered with sparkling sheet of the pristine snow and paragliding in Switzerland is considered as one of the adventure. The snow-covered town of Davos which helps in enjoying a tandem flight with all the skilled trainers who understand the safety of yours to be their first priority.

6. Engelberg: The Engelberg is known to give a freedom like bird while paragliding in Switzerland and it is also known for the mountain slopes from where one take-off for paragliding as the slides and hill tops are the smoothest one here. The Mt.Titlis gives panoramic view and the beautiful sky is also the best for paragliding in Switzerland which gives calm and peaceful thought in mind.

The other places like Klosters, Gandria, Grindelwald and Kriens are known as some of the other best places for paragliding in Switzerland and not only the Swiss is known for it’s Alps but it has given much in every form of adventure sports along with many other ways to enjoy the holiday.


Paragliding Locations in Switzerland


Location 1: Hoheweg, Interlaken, Switzerland


Location 2: Centralstrasse, Interlaken, Switzerland


Location 3: Hauptstrasse, Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland


Location 4: Ski Service, Les Ruinettes, Bagnes, Switzerland


Location 5: Fuhren, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland


Location 6: Dorfstrasse, Grindelwald, Switzerland


Location 7: Interlaken, Switzerland


Location 8: Hohenmatte, Interlaken, Switzerland


Location 9: Lauerzring , Kriens, Switzerland


Location 10: Schlossweg , Luzern Kriens, Switzerland


Location 11: Chemin des Roseaux, Noville, Switzerland


Location 12: Mythenstrasse , Emmen, Switzerland


Location 13: cp, La Cotze, Rougemont, Switzerland


Location 14: Hauptstrasse, Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland


Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October

Winter Season in Switzerland: November, December, January & Febrary