Paleo Music Festival, Switzerland

About Paleo Music Festival: Paleo Music Festival is one of the annual rock festival and is held in Nyon, Switzerland. The festival started in a small way in 1976 and was originally held near Lake Geneva with only two stages. The festival has an open air music festival which at mainland Europe and is also biggest in Switzerland. The event is also known to include the international artists and has now moved to the Plaine De l’Asse along with lasting from six days in the month of July.One can reach here either by walking, or by bus along with the narrow-gauge railway through Chemin De for Nyon-St-Cergue-Morez.

How to Celebrate Paleo Music Festival: The festival is preceded with large number of fire-works and is visited by more than 3.5 million spectators along with not less than 2500 artists who are a part of Paleo Music Festival. The Genre here is Rock music and it has total six stages which feature at festival as follows:

1. La Grande Scene (The main stage)

2. Les Arches (Replaced by Le Chapiteau in 2013)

3. Le Club tent (The Club Tent)

4. Le Ruche (The hive which is formerly called the "La Crique")

5. Le Dome (The Dome)

6. Le Detour (The regional brands which is now located inside the festival and is formerly called FMR which has a free stage)

Since,2003 the Paleo introduced Le Village Du Monde which actually means "the World Village" and has a space reserved for an invited region of the world. The festival was very grand in the 2015 event and remains so as it has introduced 280,000 visitors and more than 5,000 staff which participated in it and since then the festival is termed as grand. The tickets is sold prior and the Paleo Music Festival tickets are found over the Paleo Website with special offers and is sold as early as November also the next coming festival see the discounted all-week passes provided free with it.

The lineup of singers, artistes and performers to the Paleo Music Festival is revealed in late April Wednesday at noon and it gives an arousal of interest to the people who give people plenty of time to make-up their mind for buying the tickets. The tickets and passes gets sold out within days and in 2009 one could see 280,000 tickets to be sold in a record one and half hours. The last time in 2019 the festival was held between 23-28 July,2019. The Paleo Music Festival which got started in 1976 as "First Folk Festival" which attends 1800 over three days of the event and the Paleo Festival has become one of the Europe’s most important musical events.

The few line up of performers in 2019 were:

1. The Cure

2. Lana Del Rey

3. Twenty One Pilots

4. Christine and the Queens

5. Patrick Bruel

6. Charlotte Gainsbourg

7. Stephan Eicher & Traktorkestar

8. Angele and many more

It is also known to support the Paleo Music Festival which promotes new talents and also help establish stars who are leseer knwon to be because of their musical styles. The Switzerland’s has the largest open-air festival which gives value to the environmental protection along with social responsibility and with a terrific spirit with respect for all being involved as a guiding principles.


Location: Nyon, Switzerland