Paddle Boarding Activity in Switzerland

Paddle Boarding in Switzerland is done in almost all the lakes as the lakes here are found to be situated in the pristine locations and the water is scintillating blue adding to the beauty. The paddle boarding is although usually performed in the open ocean and the traditional sports is known to be a water sports since many years. It is also a water sports which is similar to snow boarding or the surfing which is done on the high tides in the ocean. The only difference is that the paddle boarding in Switzerland is done in much calm waters and the champion paddlers take stroke for hours while the 20-mile race can be said a warm-up for the well-trained paddlers.

The paddle boarding is not only done in Hawaii and Australia or the fjords of Norway but a person can spend much of the time in paddle boarding in Switzerland as most of the lakes are found to be in the center of major cities. Here are some well-known places to do

paddle boarding in Switzerland:

1. Lake Zurich: The Lake Zurich which is the main lake in the heart of the downtown Zurich and it offers also a spectacular location where one can not only relax but also do paddle boarding in Switzerland. The person can rent boards along the lake's shores which also includes some right in the center of the town. The Swiss alps could be seen from here and it helps to enjoy with both the drinkable water and also stunning views.

2. Greifensee: The crowds at Lake Zurich is the another place for the paddle boarding in Switzerland and it is also a hot among the locals in Summer. It can be said that the place is full of tourists and has parks around the lakes along with walking paths with easy access from a number of locations.

3. Lac Leman(Lake Geneva): The lac Leman or the lake Geneva which is a way of Swiss adventure in Zurich and since it is the largest lake in Switzerland it is a part of certain visit. The Montreux and Lausanne lies in the North and it goes all the way to Geneva thus connecting many of the important cities and people from all over can reach the lake for paddle boarding in Switzerland.

4. Lungernsee: The paddle boarding in Switzerland can be done at much of the secluded lake at Lungernsee and is more near to Alps which makes it frozen during the winter. During the summer paddle boarding can be done which has almost become a popular choice here.

5. Urnersee: The Urnersee is another lake which looks impressive and it is surrounded by sheer cliffs on one side and the Lucerne's local mountains which are Rigi and Birkenstock making paddle boarding in Switzerland being an enjoyable as well as spectacular sports.

6. Brienzersee: The Brienzersee lake is another one which allows paddle boarding in Switzerland and has the toothpaste like blue water on the glacial-fed lake with absolute mind blowing scenic surroundings.

There are many other wild lakes in Switzerland which are unsafe in terms of paddle boarding so it is necessary to check with the authorities and safety gear such as life vest is necessary to wear.Also,the lakes are a major way for water transportation so keep in check for approaching boats, ferries along with swimmers and just beware of wildlife.

Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October