Old Town Shopping Market in Zurich, Switzerland

Old Town Shopping Market in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and also the capital of the Canton of Zurich.It is mainly known for great places all across the Alps and has many markets worth a visit. Zurich is one of the leading global city and is among the world’s largest financial centers which despite have relatively small population. The Zurich’s old town has small traditional stores which can be said to rub the shoulders with the creative boutiques. The Old Town Shopping Market in Zurich with Zurich’s Old town gives a unique experience. Here, is the place where one could find the shops by both young and well-established enterprises which sell all the unique products of Switzerland.

The many of the fashion boutiques along with watch stores and the souvenir shops which also offer unique number of treasures which represent the Swiss history and design. The Old town reverberates on both side of the Limmat River,where one could find the guild houses along with churches and historic places where one could find the romantic streets lined up and shops which adorn even the hidden corners. The Old town shopping market in Zurich has all these shopping market which certainly gives the shoppers a way to enjoy the shopping as Switzerland is known as the ultimate shopping paradise.

Here are some of the shops which see a large number of visitors in every season:

Changemaker: The Changemaker is known for it’s wide range of T-shirts to the woolen scarves and also the ceramic vases. The designers which have a passion for the functional design. The manufacturing outlets at Old Town shopping market in Zurich who also take the responsibilities towards the environment and the sustaining the resources of countryside.

Cupcake Affair: The handmade cupcakes are not only beautiful to look but it has also become delicious affaire to have great food here. The cupcakes are provided here through freshly made Swiss ingredients and is found in the heart of Niederdorf.

Jakob Schlaepfer: The Jakob Schlaepfer is known to produce exclusive and luxurious Haute couture which also has lovers of exclusive and exquisite fabrics found in Seventh heaven where they step into Jakob Schlaepfer boutique in Old Town shopping market in Zurich. The collection is of textiles but it offers a wide range of accessories and the gift articles. The well known fabric designer,Martin Leuthold,with experimental and innovative designs are sought among clients from all over the world.

Marktlucke: The Marktlucke is known for the purchase of the unique handcrafted objects but also support the social workshops and even the small enterprises in Switzerland. The Old Town shopping market in Zurich do have quaint little store could be found in the middle of the Zurich’s historical “Schipfe” quarter. The narrow street is found to have home with the unique objects along with beautiful accessories and the treasures which is crafted by hand often found to be made from recycled materials.

Max Chocolatier: The Max Chocolatier is known to evoke delectable chocolate products and it is a dream come true for the chocolate lovers. The master chocolatiers are said to turn the top quality with natural ingredients through unique chocolate creations in harmony with various product range and also with expert chocolatiers making Old Town shopping market in Zurich a chocolate lover’s delight.

The other stores are Messer-Scharf and Schweizer Heimatwerk are other stores which sell various products and thus attracts crowd for the purpose of shopping.

The Old Town Shopping Market in Zurich is known to have a bigger name as it sells everything according to the international names along with Swiss products and luxury brands watches of all kinds. The increasing number of young labels also found a sustainable production in terms of chocolate, watches and jewelry which could be said trendy as well as traditional. The many of weekly markets in Zurich sell regional flowers and vegetables of local specialties and even the second-hand treasures. Most of the stores are also open from Monday to Friday always between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. which has become the characteristic of Old town shopping market in Zurich and has total 135 outlets, at Zurich main train station or at 60 stores at airport.


Open Hours:-

10.00 am to 8.00 pm : Thursday, (March - October)

10.00 am to 5.00 pm : Saturday, (November - February)

Location:- Old Town, Zurich City, Switzerland

Distances from Old Town Market (Zurich):

Zurich City : 3.5 KM

Winterthur City : 24.3 KM

St. Gallen City : 86.7 KM

Basel City : 87.7 KM

Bern City : 124.0 KM

Lausanne City : 221.8 KM

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