Niederdorf Shopping Market in Zurich, Switzerland

Niederdorf Shopping Market in Zurich, Switzerland

The Niederdorf shopping market is an area which is found in the Zurich's old town across and also along the river from the train station. The shopping market in Zurich is known to be a main destination for the city's nightlife along with many shops and the beautiful alleyways. The shopping market is known as the main bustling strip where one could find the main trendy clothes stores along with the fast food joints and the entire shopping avenues comes under the Niederdorf Shopping market in Zurich and the locales along with the tourists love to shop here as the shoppers never give any miss to shopping malls here.

The Zurich is already the capital city and main tourist attractions of Switzerland which is the largest Swiss City and when we talk about Niederdorf shopping market in Zurich then, it is known to be one of the heaven for shopaholics. The shopping in Zurich Old town has it's own local heritage and the entire pavements are laid with cobblestone. The ancient buildings along with antique fountains and the monuments are the reminiscent of the erstwhile area where one could shop for all kinds of trendy stuff. The old world charm could be specified as the souvenirs and clothes along with accessories are of the old era for which one could get spoiled for choices.

The Niederdorf Shopping market in Zurich is located at east of the River Limmat and is also well known for nightlife. The shopping here is known for expanding the shopping tour in the quarter and all along the streets Limmatquai and Niederdorfstrasse which are both found to be a pedestrian area. The smaller shops along with up-to-date street wear and also the fancy shoes are found to be sold across all fashion stores. The same could be said about the eating and drinking which is all according to the Swiss cuisine such as the cheese and Rosti. The smaller alleys are also found to be worth a peek as they sell all kinds of essentials and are found to be known as the main shopping areas.

The Niederdorf is although known as the small shopping alley and also still the old town is found to be a place associated with big shopping malls which are known for the boutiques and apparel stores. The Niederdorf is a part of the Old Zurich town and the locals fondly call it as “Dorfli” and the market spread till Niederdorf and Oberdorf extended to as far as Bellevue. The Niederdorf shopping market in Zurich has become a nightlife district with all kinds of varied public with bars and street artists. The popular Dorflifascht has many places with DJ's along with places of culinary delights,market booths and shows which are local attractions till the end of August as such shows gets closed during the fall season.

The old world charm of Niederdorf remained intact but the major part of the shopping complexes are found to be having sustainable stores where people could be seen selling fairly traded products through Zero waste shops associated with reduction of food waste with individual packaging.

The Niederdorf Shopping Market in Zurich is known to give the shopper’s a culinary delights along with much in terms of shopping. The shop is a part of Zurich’s old town and locals also call it “Dorfli” which actually means the entire Niederdorf and also Oberdorf area which extends till Bellevue. The pedestrian zone is also the same as Limmatquai along with running parallel till the market. The pedestrian zone has got many stores and is found in the hidden alleyways which also is known as the nightlife district. The popular “Dorflifascht” which is a Niederdorf Shopping market in Zurich has many DJ’s, culinary delights, market booths along with shows and attractions which remains till August.


Open Hours:-

9.00 am to 8.00 pm : Monday to Saturday

Location:- Niederdorf, Zurich City, Switzerland

Distances from Niederdorf (Zurich):

Zurich City : 0.80 KM

Winterthur City : 24.3 KM

St. Gallen City : 86.6 KM

Basel City : 87.7 KM

Bern City : 124.1 KM

Lausanne City : 221.9 KM

Geneva City : 276.9 KM