National Day Holiday in Switzerland

About Switzerland National Day: The National Day Holiday in Switzerland is celebrated as the national holiday of Switzerland and is set on August 1. The Swiss Confederacy was first of all celebrated on the date of 1891 and is an official date since 1994. The Federal Charter of 1291 was replaced as the formerly more prominent traditional date of 8 November, and thus remained an official holiday since 1994. The day is celebrated with paper lantern parades along with bonfires, fireworks and hanging the strings of Swiss flags. The day of independence is typically celebrated at a local municipality level along within all Cantons and even at the other countries such as USA and The U.K.

How Celebrate Switzerland National Day: The August First was declared to be the National Day Holiday in Switzerland as because the three forest cantons of Schywz, Uri and Unterwalden signed the Federal Charter on the Rutli field and also near the Lake Lucerne. The Charter also does not specifically mention 1st of August as the date but refer it as the beginning of month of August 1291. The charter has united the signatories in the Struggle which is against Habsburg rule and the family also posses the Duchy of Austria within the Holy Roman Empire. The signing of the charter has also been regarded as the foundation day of Switzerland. The official celebration is often said to be fittingly at Rutli field and it represents a celebration which is staged in the location that is also of signing of the charter taking place and deciding to be August 1st as the national day.

The National Day Holiday in Switzerland is akin to American Independence day celebration is also found to be a big family gatherings and the barbeques are also known to be a common features of the day. The communities all across the Switzerland celebrate the occasion with bonfires along with fireworks and parades which is a traditional way to celebrate. The tradition of lighting bonfire within high summers predates to be the National Day and the custom of lighting the bonfires is also found to be on St. John's Day which is commonly celebrated across Europe. It could be said the Christian version of much older Midsummer Celebrations which takes place on or also around this date.

The National day holiday in Switzerland has gained popularity through the last couple of years and it has been a family gathering with children together at farms. The particularly popular family outing in which people go for large culinary delight in the form of a farmers breakfast where everyone experiences a greater understanding to give the farm running which could be producing of Swiss cheese, bread, how to make jams along with getting close to animals are also taught thus making it a great way to enjoy and bringing the family together which signifies with a strong bonding with nation as well. The celebration in communities all around Switzerland could be found going for a prayer and singing of Swiss National Anthem at 8:00 p.m. or 20:00 hrs when the church bells ring throughout the country.


2019 Festival Date: Thursday, 1 August

2020 Festival Date: Saturday, 1 August

2021 Festival Date: Sunday, 1 August

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 1 August

2023 Festival Date: Tuesday, 1 August

2024 Festival Date: Thursday, 1 August

2025 Festival Date: Friday, 1 August

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual