Manor (Department Store) in Geneva, Switzerland

The Manor (Departmental Store) Geneva is one of the Swiss departmental store chain which got headquartered in Basel. The departmental store is owned by Maus Freres of Geneva, Switzerland’s and is the company’s departmental stores in the German-speaking,Switzerland and has been borne with the Manor name since 1994. It has become a chain store and with finding the stores in rest of the country carries the same name since September 2000. The manor (department store) Geneva is only the department store found on the right bank which also has food department i.e. famous for the diversity of its products and thus people make it almost a compulsion to visit here helping themselves with the best of the offer.

The Manor (Department Store) Geneva,opened its first shop in the Lucerne 1902 and now it has expanded into 63 stores, 33 food markets along with 44 restaurants. The “Manor is located in all regions of Switzerland”,says ”Elle Steinbrecher”, the Manor’s spokesperson. The Manor’s are the owner and it is known to be a family operated business which is synonymous with the quality and variety for more than 100 years. The Manor showcases around a million items which are sold across its stores and the website offers 28,000 products. The Manor who are known to offering a convenient and also surprise shopping atmosphere while investing a substantial amount every year within the departmental stores.

The beauty products which are sold at Manor (Department Store) Geneva, has build a connection with key brands for helping the customers to choose from a range of exclusive products. The recent-in store launches has been from the German beauty brand Bilou along with Spanish fashion from Sfera and the Scandinavian children’s wear label which is Done by Deer. The Manor has also become adept with providing a variety of products with an appeal to a wide customer base.With the wide variety of products which are international as well as Swiss especially the perfumes which are of all variety , can be said to have a common thread which could be said to maintain the Swiss standards.

The look out for New Manor Fresh which helps to get the best of the chocolate and for all the sweet tooth with huge selection of wares made it more of a noteworthy place for visitors. The Manor (Department Store) Geneva,with being the largest department store chain. The ground floor is also ideal for those from Geneva who love to go for the delectable sweets, candies and chocolates which has given the Switzerland a big name. The other noteworthy things which could be bought from the chain stores are into electronics,jewellery,cosmetics and the designer clothes with home accessories and perfumes with fashionable heels and also the sports accessories. The prepared food or the packaged food is sold and one could easily buy it from this supermarket but there is no such food court. The Manor department store, Geneva is known by many and can be reached either by bus, train or the light rail and has Manor at the nearest public station.

The Manor (Department Store) Geneva is one of the Swiss department store chain and has it’s headquarters in Brazil. The store is owned by Maus Freres of Geneva and is known to generate total sales of CHF 3 Billion in 2013. The store is owned by Brothers Ernest and Henri Maus together with Leon Nordmann which has opened the first department store in Lucerne in 1902 by the name of “Leon Nordmann” name and since then they must be looking back to see their labels everywhere. The Manor (Department Store) Geneva has its location throughout Switzerland important cities and the “Manor” name got adopted in 1965.


Open Hours:-

9.00 am to 9.00 pm : Monday to Sunday

Location:- Manor (department store), Geneva City, Switzerland

Open Year:- 1971

Distances from Manor (Geneva):

Geneva City : 0.65 KM

Lausanne City : 62.8 KM

Bern City : 157.0 KM

Basel City : 253.8 KM

Zurich City : 276.2 KM

Winterthur City: 297.1 KM

St. Gallen City: 359.5 KM