Local Wine Tasting Activity in Switzerland

The local wine tasting in Switzerland is a traditional viticulture which is very old and also minimum from the Roman era and although the first bottle was made in Ceramic which was found near Sembrancher in one of the Celtic Tomb which is a lady of 2nd Century B.C. The Swiss wines has been labeled to the geographic region and it includes the Vaud, Geneva, Valais, Neuchatel, Thurgau and Ticino. The large number of grapevines are also cultivated in Switzerland where many of the indigenous or the regional specialties is found and it has some 90 grape varieties which is cultivated on an area of 1 hectare with 2.5 acres or more.

The local wine tasting in Switzerland is although done in many places and since the country is landlocked with many other well known countries which are known for their style and elegance the people come in hordes from Germany,Austria,Italy and France. The few places which are although known for some of the finest wines are:

1. Corniche Lavaux Vineyards: The Corniche Lavaux Vineyards are known to be complimenting the greens of the vineyards with the backdrop of mountains. The mountains gives the fairy tale feelings and walking through the vineyards along with local wine tasting in Switzerland gives the undulating valley some unique sense which cannot be described in words. The Lake Geneva could be seen near it and the vine terraces along with facilitating the water flows on Lake Geneva was all created by monks around 800 years ago and makes it unique as it is a lifetime experience.

2. Aigle Castle: The Aigle Castle is a better place for local wine tasting in Switzerland and is a perfect stop before you take the path towards the Valais or Lake Geneva and the tour can certainly be called intimate. The wine history along with the vineyard history is something which takes through plenty of castles along with getting at the middle of the beautiful vineyards in all the gorgeous castle.

3. Terres De Lavaux: The Terres De Lavaux is another great place for local wine tasting in Switzerland and whether you speak any language the wine certainly has the flavor of the land. The tasting of wine along with refreshment gives the enjoyment along with feeling the air of mountains at Lavaux Vineyards.

4. Bergtrotte Osterfingen: The Bergtrotte Osterfingen is known for it's scenic surroundings and walking along the vineyards can certainly surprise you which makes it very cosy cave and also little or more romantic which reminds of some of the best local wine tasting in Switzerland and when compared with it the Bergtrotte Osterfingen cannot be found to be anywhere less.

The Swiss are known to produce various varieties of wine but the number of unique wines are developed from specially grown grapes which are rarely found outside Switzerland. The Vin Des Glaciers which serve Sherry-style wines utilizes a solera system of wine that is stored in larch wood within oak barrels.

The local Wine Tasting in Switzerland is also about enjoying the vintage wines and the oak barrels are never fully emptied with newer vintages which is added to barrels with older vintage wines. The wines are primarily made from the Swiss wine grape Reze in Valais Canton and thus enjoying the wine continues forever.


Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October

Winter Season in Switzerland: November, December, January & Febrary