International Hot Air Balloon Festival, Switzerland

About International Balloon Festival: International Balloon Festival at Geneva is one of the event where one could see balloons that floats lazily through the sky. The International Hot Air Balloon event has hundreds of hot air balloons of every design and color that takes to the imaginable heights in the air. The event could be said to be really wonderful and it is just like going in a show which is all about colorful with all the snow and mountains overlooking the event. The festival happens at Chateau-D’Oex,Switzerland and there are many things to see and do here. The event see aerobic flight crews along with parachute shows and all paraglider who show all the skills and the person gets back to the childhood memories and certainly becomes nostalgic.

Balloon Ride also in dark::

A flight in a balloon is all about paying some price and it is easy after paying from where you take the sky above and feel the marvel of the mountains which feels spread all around you. The balloon flight could be one of the most beautiful along with a quirky experience but the best time to get a balloon ride is the dark of the night along with the sound of the music. The entire day and evenings can be found with fireworks display and the history of ballooning could be understood by the guide. The ballooning history tells it as the most fascinating inventions and in that one can take the tour to some greater balloon adventures which was also used once to circumnavigate the world by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones.

Cheese making as an activity::

The Le Chalet is the place where one has the art of cheese-making and here also one can escape the cold where the cheese making expert pull around 20 Kilos of cheese and one could learn the age-old art and also make some at Le Chalet Organic which is their in-house restaurant.

Ski or snowboarding as activity:Talking about the slopes of the Switzerland where one could do snowboarding and also skiing from where one could enjoy the snow based activities.

Although,the Balloon festival is celebrated in every country these days but the magical sight of multicoloured balloons in all the manners along with shapes and sizes across all the crystal clear winter vistas of the Alps. The town is super-pretty and also very much Swiss and 150 Km from Geneva and is also easily reached by train. The scenic GoldenPass Line train from Montreaux and it also travels from Zurich and thus reaching Chateau-D’Oex along Bern within three hours.

The Geneva is also known as the balloon capital of the world and it has the first hot air balloon fair after which the world over the balloon ride was found to be a craze. The adventure is associated with 20 days without stopping and the adventure riders gather from 20 countries along with gathering at this annual function. The visitors get the best of the treat of the multicolored balloons and riding it is a fun activity which is never forgotten thus making it a memory forever.


Location: Pl. du Village 6, Chateau-d'Ex, Switzerland