Good Friday Day Holiday in Switzerland

About Good Friday: The Good Friday Holiday in Switzerland is the Christian Holiday and also it tells about the crucifixion of Jesus who did all for his people but was finally hanged by the Kingdom. The Good Friday is also known as Great Friday, Black Friday and Holy Friday and the date of Good Friday also varies from one year to the next on both the Gregorian calendar and Julian Calendars. It is one of the legal holiday which is celebrated around the world and it includes the most Western Countries and also the 12 U.S. States. The countries which is Switzerland also celebrates the festival with much of the understanding which is about a little of mourning and celebrate after two days on Easter Sunday, as Jesus the Christ rises back again.

How Celebrate Good Friday: A common etymology says that the common folk analyzes along with "Good Friday" being a pious or holy word which is considered as the Good Friday and in Old English term it is considered as Scandinavian languages and Finnish. The "Good Friday Holiday in Switzerland" is one of the Great and Holy Friday and is observed as a strict fast and is also called as the Black Fast and the adult Byzantine Christians also celebrate the festival by revisiting the specific Psalms and Gospels along with singing the hymns which is about the death of Christ's death. The each hour of the day which is done through the public reading of all the events during "Holy Week" and are also not simply an annual commemoration of the past events.

The "Good Friday Holiday in Switzerland" in all it's 24 Cantons which is a Day off for the general population and all the schools and the most businesses establishments are closed. Many of the Church services which are held in afternoon along with usually which is between the noon to 3 P.M. and also remember the hours when the Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross. Some of the Churches observe the day where one re-enacts with the process of the cross in which the rituals of stations of the cross. The Cross represents and tells the significance of the life and final hours of Christ. The short ceremony is found to be held at Church in which Christians kneel before the cross and affirm their faith.

The "Good Friday Holiday in Switzerland" in which the Christians follow the Jesus footsteps and walk via Dolorosa, which is the traditional path that led to the site of the crucifixion. The many of the Christians who participate and try to ritually bear the same weight of the Jesus along the footsteps and then walk via Dolorosa towards the traditional path of the site of the crucifixion. The participants also try to ritually bear the same weight which Jesus did by carrying the crosses on their backs. The ideal thing to know is that although it is a public holiday in most of the countries but in the city of Vatican where the pope resides it is not considered as a public holiday.


2019 Festival Date: Friday, 19 April

2020 Festival Date: Friday, 10 April

2021 Festival Date: Friday, 2 April

2022 Festival Date: Friday, 15 April

2023 Festival Date: Friday, 7 April

2024 Festival Date: Friday, 29 March

2025 Festival Date: Friday, 18 April

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual