Geneva Motor Show Festival, Switzerland

About Geneva Motor Show Festival: The Geneva Motor show festival is one of the annual auto show which is held in March at Geneva, Switzerland. The show is hosted at Palexpo which is a convention center located at the Geneva Cointrin International Airport and the organizers are the Organization Internationales Des Constructeurs D’ Automobiles and is also considered to be an important major international Auto show. The Geneva Motor show festival was first held in 1905 and the Salon has also hosted all major internal combustion engine model which stands as the primary motor engine for all kinds of models whether diesel or petrol along with other hybrid fuel operated vehicles.

How to Celebrate Basler Fasnachat Festival: Although, Switzerland does not have any particular company which stands out to be one of the most prominent in terms of being the biggest automobile manufacturers but certainly the country is known for it’s Swiss watch making modules and is one of the biggest economy. The country spends much in terms of resources over the research in race-car constructions and formula one racing is also a part of it. Now, getting back to Geneva motor show festival the history of the automobile along with benzene and steam powered engine has changed and now much of the automakers are turning towards making electric vehicles.

Geneva motor show festival is known for it’s exotic super-car show which has all the better models showing the well engineered models and whether the models are prototypes or with new equipment they are known for the technical breakthroughs with the help of international partnerships and also exhibition has various political and social debates making it an interesting venture to carry with the best of the education related to automobile industry. Although, the Switzerland lacks an auto industry of it’s own still due to it’s well known presence and the country being a prominent one with many bigger brands the Geneva motor show festival gets prominence in International brands and also all over the world media.

Super cars which surpasses all the speed limits are a part of the Geneva motor show festival is the best place to get the glimpse along with understanding the super cars. The country which has seen the last 2019 Geneva Motor Show festival saw 18 cars featuring the motor sports show and it has generated nearly 17,000 horsepower in these cars. The car fuel has changed and the gas-only cars get into all-electrical mode and while the plug-in hybrid variety could be the most common all of them are into displays. 2019 saw the most powerful car into display and it saw the thumping 16-Cylinder, quad turbocharged engine which was bought in the show by Bugatti La Voiture Noire and the car still was not into the top three. The Rimac C_Two and the Pininfarina Battista took the first two spots and the third position went to Koenigsegg Jesko while The Bug got the fourth place.

This year 2020 will see the 90th Geneva International Motor Show which will be held between 5-15 March 2020 and it will give an immersive experience to the world of automobile industry by showcasing the innovations.


Location: Geneve, Switzerlan