Fete nationale Suisse (Swiss National Day) Festival Tour, Switzerland

About Swiss National Day: The Fete Nationale Suisse Festival is also the national holiday of the Switzerland and it is celebrated on every 1st of August. The founding of the Swiss Confederation along with celebrating the daya t first in the year 1899 and it has also been an official holiday since the year 1994. The date is also inspired by the Federal Charter of 1291 and is placed in “early August” which is rather said by the term “Pacte Du Grutli” with three Alpine cantons that swore the oath of confederation. The action which could be later understood and regarded as the foundation of Switzerland. The document could be one of the several dozen pacts which is attested for the territory of Switzerland in also the mid-13th to the 14th century.

How to Celebrate Swiss National Day: The foundation of the Old Swiss Confederacy which is mostly associated with the Bund of Brunnen of 1315 and with the Rutlischwur and is also dated back to the 1307 by the Aegidius Tschudi. The date of the Federal Charter which came to replacing the formerly in terms of more prominent with although traditional date as November 8 and in 1307 it was popular with consciousness in the 20th Century along with specifically after the 650th anniversary celebrations. The Fete Nationale Suisse Festival is celebrated on 1st of August and it has paper lanterns, parades along with bonfires and hanging strings of all the Swiss flags and also the fireworks making it an occasion which becomes one of the great crowd puller.

The town-specific celebrations along with typically celebrating at local municipality level although certain events which draws nationwide attention. The mid 19th-Century and Schaffhausen with illuminating the nearby Rhine falls making it look spectacular and also it begins the waterfall which is also the great way to showcase the national holiday. The beginning in 1920 along with the waterfall lit with regular national holiday and also since 1966 for the holiday at the historic location of Rutli meadow which is above Lake Lucerne which is also a representation of the celebration which is staged in location with legendary pledge of the alliance. The Basel has fireworks on the evening of 31st July which could be said the pre-celebration on the Fete Nationale Suisse Festival.

The events associated with Fete Nationale Suisse Festival or the Swiss National Day are as follows:

1. Radio or Television broadcast by President of the Swiss Confederation.

2. Solemn speech by prominent political or public figure

3. Concert or Choire along with Gymnastic presentations

4. The community singing of the national anthem

5. Own display of fireworks somewhere in the city

6. Children carrying lighted paper lanterns roam the streets at night.

7. Public and private buildings are decorated with national, cantonal and community flags.

Since, the Switzerland is a country with acceptance all over the world and people from all continents visit this country so the other countries also celebrate the Fete Nationale Suisse Festival. The USA celebrate it by the Swiss Benevolent Society of New York and the event draws thousands of Swiss with the Swiss-Americans and Friends of Switzerland gather around New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and also Pennsylvania which also works as great family event.


Location: All Switzerland

Switzerland National Day Festival Date and Day

2025 Festival Date & Day: Friday, 1 August

2024 Festival Date & Day: Thursday, 1 August

2023 Festival Date & Day: Tuesday, 1 August

2022 Festival Date & Day: Monday, 1 August

2021 Festival Date & Day: Sunday, 1 August

2020 Festival Date & Day: Saturday, 1 August

2019 Festival Date & Day: Thursday, 1 August

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual