Fete de L'Escalade Festival Tour, Switzerland

About Fete De L’Escalade Festival: Fete De L’Escalade Festival is one of the most popular festival in Geneva and takes place in the city center every December in the memory and celebration of the proud defence of the Genevans from the attack of the Duke of Savoy’s Army.The L’escalade tradition which began in the night of the 11th of December 1602 saw the Duke of Savoys attempts to a surprise-attack which has the state of Geneva in the darkness of the night at 2 A.M. with the army.The Duke’s idea was also to let his best of the soldiers secretly climb or scale the wall which was Geneva’s fortifications and to get hold of the city gate from inside.

How to Celebrate Fete De L’Escalade Festival: A story which is associated with Fete De L’Escalade Festival which is held annually on the weekend which is closest to the 11th of December and the 8th of Friday along with December the 10th of every year.The very popular Escalade Run, which is Course De L’Escalade takes place on the preceding weekend and the Escalade festival takes place in Old town which is mainly on the sites where it becomes impossible to miss as the celebration starts from Saturday evening and goes up-to Sunday with celebration fire works which starts at 6 P.M.The Friday evening see the members of each of the family joining together and the eldest along with the youngest one of the group could be seen mutually smashing the chocolate pot.

The saying which is associated with it is “Ainsi perirent les ennemis de la Republique!” and it means "thus persih the enemies of the republic".The exclamation also refers to the legend in which a women poured hot chocolate over the enemy soldiers who were intruding the city walls.The Halloween tradition where the children wear different kind of costumes along with walking from door to door asking for the money or the candy treats.The teenagers also participate in the high school parades which irritates the historic events along with younger children in schools who cook big pots of the vegetable soup.The Fete de L’Escalade Festival which see more than 800 persons of the old families and they also wears historical costumes who march the streets with drum playing and also shooting from historical rifles where thousands of spectators watch through the windows along with gathering around to watch the grand spectacle.

The Fete De L’’Escalade festival tradition also constitutes a running race which is beside the regular runs divided by all ages and genders which constitutes of three categories. The Duke’s race which is adults only along with walking and Nordic walking where the race is of 8 Km and the age is 10+ where the Marmite adults along with youth races with participants wearing costumes.The rout where participants also find their family cheering groups and they are singing escalade songs to the traditional music where the bands play the trombone music. Also, at the end of the race the people of staff receives with water along with hot soup and bread.The race souvenir also reminds of the great experience from the best chocolate pots which are through Auer Chocolatier which is counted according to the Swiss perfection.


Location: Geneva, Switzerland