Festichoc Festival Tour, Switzerland

About Festichoc Festival: The Festichoc Festival is one of the free event that has become one of the must-attended event for the chocolate lovers. The Swiss Chocolates, are made by the artisans who meet you in Versoix(GE) and it also makes you discover or rediscover with chocolate in all forms and also for the tasters. The animation is also a part of the festival along with fun and frolic which could be found in the form of Favarger Treasure Hunt, Egg Hunt, Ride in Chocotrains, Chocolate bunnies, workshops, exhibition of the chocolate sculptures along with visit at the Favarger factory. The various food stands which is also held by local companies and the restaurants as well as the rides which see animating the Chocovillage next to the Salon Des Artisans are a part of the festival.

How to Celebrate Festichoc Festival: The town of the Versoix near Geneva is known to be having considerable chocolate pedigree which is also home to Cartier and Favarger with tow of the chocolate brands. The both chocolate brands are known to pioneer the chocolate-making back to 19th Century and it can be a kind of good excuse where celebrating the loveliness of chocolate along with appreciating the skill of those who make it with the chocolate festival. The Festichoc festival has completed more than 12 years and it also comprises a tented salon where 25 invited chocolatiers come from the local area and it is beyond the stage chocolate making demonstrations who sell the produce to chocoholic visitors. The chocolatiers also participate in a chocolate sculpture competition and the kids also make their own chocolate creations.

The Cartier led workshop who scavenge for the chocolate eggs in a Sunday mornings with Chasse Aux Oeufs along with Plus Anita Lalubie from the Swiss TV where the cooking show with Al Dente could be seen on a hand for a spot of live cooking. The plenty of opportunity which could be seen to scoff a load of the chocolate in the Chocovillage which is aptly named along with a Chocotrain which will transport you from the venue to Versoix train station and the Favarger factory. The only thing needs to be taken care is that one should not consume too much of chocolate as the chocolate also gives a kind of high and walking becomes difficult after it. The variosu restaurants and cafes are also found here for enjoying other food articles alongside the bars and pubs for better enjoyment. Japan Trip & Europe Trip

The Festichoc festival occurs in the third week of March and it is dedicated to chocolate which also see activities which is pleasing for the children such as the Favarger treasure hunt, the egg hunt and also much more. The artisans from all over French-speaking Switzerland who make chocolate along with tasting, sales and the exhibitions of the chocolate sculptures with food stands gives the ultimate plunge to the delicious world of the chocolates. The chocolate bunnies also participates in it thus making the Switzerland’s biggest festival a moment to celebrate and Swiss dedication towards the chocolate could be seen where the people also discover the secrets of making the famous Versailles Chocolates.


Location: Geneva, Switzerland