Easter Monday Holiday in Switzerland

About Easter Monday: The "Easter Monday holiday in Switzerland" is also observed as one of the public holiday in many of the countries and is also a part of the Easter period. The Christian consider it as an observance day and also a day after the Easter Sunday and it takes all the 25 Cantons which is a day off for the general population. The public holiday falls on Sunday but it also happens on Easter Monday where it is found to be on a day off for the general population along with schools and businesses centers. The basket of Easter eggs is prepared with different colors and the Easter Monday with also the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches is called "Bright Monday".

How Celebrate Easter Monday: The Easter is a celebration or a time to celebrate and rejoice the resurrection of Jesus and also in all parts of the world. The Switzerland also see similar celebration and with the festive occasion which continues also on the Easter Monday Holiday in Switzerland it marks the onset of spring season and is celebrated with much fanfare and the religious fervor. The people gear up for the holiday and the homes along with shops are decorated with colorful bunnies while the food offered is different chocolates, vibrant colorful eggs which are painted with different hues and the special Easter cakes.

A week before the Easter Monday holiday in Switzerland with chocolate cuckoos and colored eggs which gets displayed one week earlier as a reminder to the children about the approaching Easter celebrations. The Biblical passion is displayed with full fervor and play are staged on the last Thursday of Lent period. The next day on Good Friday a procession takes place and the people carry two scriptures which has one of dead Christ and the other of Mother Mary through the streets. The day of Easter see the children getting up early in the morning and children carry the searches to fill their basket with colorful eggs.

The child who gets the most number of Eggs on Easter is declared the winner and he or she receives and additional gifts like sugar eggs, chocolate eggs and also the little chocolate and marzipan rabbits which have colorful sugar flutings apart from the collected eggs. The another popular Easter game which is played on Easter Monday Holiday in Switzerland is the adults hitting the decorated eggs of children with twenty cents coin and break it, while if they miss then have to part with the coin. The another tradition is specific to the Western Switzerland called the weeping woman where-in the women carry crimson cushions which bears the symbols of Christ's passion all through the streets.

The cushion contains the nails which are used in the crucifixion and the crown of the thorns was placed on the head with the handkerchief that St. Veronica used to wipe the Christ's brow as he carried the cross which also has got imprinted on his face. Thus, one could say that Easter is celebrated with much fanfare and gusto in Switzerland and thus the enjoyment carries throughout the year.


2019 Festival Date: Monday, 22 April

2020 Festival Date: Monday, 13 April

2021 Festival Date: Monday, 5 April

2022 Festival Date: Monday, 18 April

2023 Festival Date: Monday, 10 April

2024 Festival Date: Monday, 1 April

2025 Festival Date: Monday, 21 April

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual