Downhill Hiking Activity in Switzerland

The downhill Hiking in Switzerland is one of the adventure sports which is all about trekking or hiking and is considered to be difficult as the getting down from the hill is faster and one has to make a perfect balance for doing it. The short to long distance treks become a way to do the downhill hiking but one could say that the difficulty levels are different all according to ascent, descent, kilometers and also with the length of spending the time in completion of trek. The Switzerland is a country which is known for it's mountains and it has been blessed with the most natural environment, which also makes the terrain to be explored easily.

Here are some of the downhill hiking in Switzerland which can be found with the guided tours and it could be said the breath taking hikes which helps to get the adventure out of you:

1. The Planet Path: The Planet path can be said with a to-scale representation of the solar system and the meter represents which travels three times faster with the speed of the light. Once, the person pass out through this magnificent trail one can find the models of planets which could be the actual distance from each other. The Pluto is considered a dwarf planet because of it's size but once you reach the uphill from there on the downhill hiking in Switzerland could be done in a jiffy which is all done with an easy walk visualizing the Solar system.

2. Obersteinberg Trail: The Obersteinberg trail is the regional Jungfrau and the region is certainly full of the spectacular scenery with the best in terms of hiking trails. The hike begins in Stechelberg and although the trail is three miles long it could be said to be challenging. The downhill hiking is equally exciting and a person can spot plenty of cascading waterfall along with peaks that feel like reaching the sky. The Berghotel Obersteinberg and the hotel is charming and quaint and the candlelight dinner here gives immense pleasure.

3. Faulhorn trai to first: The Faulhorn trail to first is one of the most hiking trails in the Bernese Alps and it is explored from the Faulhorn to First. The picture-perfect mountains near the Grindelwald gives the real highlight on the trail of Bachalpsee. The glacial lake reflects the image of the surroundings and thus it takes to understand the beauty of nature in a better way. The Faulhorn trail has also an easier downhill hiking in Switzerland making the best out of the trekking.

4. Swiss path: The Swiss path remains the hiking trails which could be said to be more Swiss as compared to others. The route is 22 miles or 35-kilometer and got opened on the Switzerland's 700th birthday which represents the past of the nation. The Swiss path begins in the meadow where alliance was formed to make Switzerland and reaching there is difficult and the same could be said for the downhill hiking in Switzerland.

The four hiking and downhill trips are great to reach but as downhill hiking in Switzerland is known because of the many more hiking trails such as Five Lakes Walk and Oescheninsee hiking trails.It makes the Switzerland a great choice for hiking one could plan accordingly for the tours where many other adventure awaits related to sports with difficult level for enjoying.


Downhill Hiking Locations in Switzerland


Hiking Location: From Grindelwald-First to the Faulhorn, Switzerland

Length: 9.3 KM

Duration: 4 hours


Hiking Location: From Wildhaus to Santis, Switzerland

Length: 8.6 KM

Duration: 5 hours


Hiking Location: Hiking around Oeschinensee Lake, Switzerland

Length: 10 KM

Duration: 3.5 hours


Hiking Location: Along the Sentierone in the Verzasca Valley, Switzerland

Length: 20.3 KM

Duration: 7 hours


Hiking Location: Hike to the five lakes at Pizol, Switzerland

Length: 10.7 kM

Duration: 4.5 hours


Hiking Location: Aletsch Glacier Trail, Switzerland

Length: 13.9 kM

Duration: 4.5 hours


Hiking Location: In the Jura region to Creux du Van, Switzerland

Length: 13.2 KM

Duration: 5 hours


Hiking Location: «Via Engiadina» from Maloja to Silvaplana, Switzerland

Length: 13.1 KM

Duration: 4 hours


Hiking Location: Sentiero Cristallina, Switzerland

Length: 25 KM

Duration: 11 hours (two-day hike)


Hiking Location: Along the Brienzergrat, Switzerland

Length: 10.3 KM

Duration: 4.5 hours


Hiking Location: Around the Gastlosen, Switzerland

Length: 11 KM

Duration: 4 hours


Hiking Location: High Route Saas Fee–Grachen, Switzerland

Length: 16.1 KM

Duration: 6 hours


Hiking Location: From Fuorn Pass to Lu, Switzerland

Length: 9 KM

Duration: 3 hours


Hiking Location: Along the Planet Trail from Saint-Luc to Zinal, Switzerland

Length: 15 KM

Duration: 4.5 hours


Hiking Location: From the Gotthard to Bedretto Valley, Switzerland

Length: 21 KM

Duration: 8.5 hours over two daysS


Best Season to Enjoyment

Spring Season in Switzerland: March, April & May

Summer Season in Switzerland: June, July & August

Autumns Season in Switzerland: September & October