Creux du Van Tour, Switzerland

About Creux du Van, Switzerland: The Creux Du Van Switzerland is one of the natural rocky cirque and is approximately 1,400 meters wide along with 150 meter wide which is located in Val De Travers district within Swiss Canton of Nauchatel. The amphitheatre is well known and is shaped as a natural attraction in this area which is also located within the heart of natural reservation area of 15.5 Square Km. The summit area can be either reached by foot or by car and has a paved road from Saint-Aubin-Sauges which can be climbed within few minutes of walk away from the summit of the rocky cirque which has become a notable trails in this area.

How can Reach : "Creux du Van" is located in Val de Travers district of the Switzerland country. It is well connected with Zurich, Geneva, Basel and Lausanne cities by road.

"Neuchatel" is the nearest railway station which is just 26.3 KM far from "Creux du Van". Tourists can get here train to Zurich and Geneva cities.

"Bern" is the nearest airport which is situated just 94.6 KM distance from "Creux du Van". Tourists can get here flights to Domestic and International cities.

Nearest Major Airport : "Bern Airport" is a Domestic and International airport of the Switzerland country which is located just 94.6 KM distance from Creux du Van. Tourists can get here Domestic and International flights.

Bus Services: Buses services are available from "Bern Airport" (94.6 KM) to Creux du Van Tour.

Taxi Services: Taxis services are available from "Bern Airport" (94.6 KM) to Creux du Van Tour.

Nearest Train Station: Neuchatel (26.3 KM). Tourists can get here train to to Zurich and Geneva cities.

The Best Season to visit: May to October

Locations: Neuchatel, Switzerland

Width: 1400 metres

Deep: 150 metres

Total Area: 15.5 SQ KM

Tourist Attractions: Chateau de Chenaux, Le Chasseron, Gorges de la Poeta-Raisse, L'Absinthe House, Creux-du-Van - fotospot, Menhir Bevaix, Gorges de l'Areuse, Neuchatel Castle, Tourbieres des Ponts-de-Martel, Col-des-Roches" Cave Mills, Petit Train touristique Neuchatel, Fontaine du Banneret, Funiculaire de Chaumont, Watch Museum of Le Locle, Saut du Doubs, Juraparc- Animal park, Grandson Castle.

Things to Do: Boating and Fishing on Lac De Neuchatel, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Walking, Juraparc- Animal park.

Neuchatel Weather Temperature:

Months Temp. Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -0.7 -0.4 2.5 5.5 9.7 12.9 15.1 14.8 11.6 8.0 3.1 0.4
Average High (℃) 3.3 5.0 9.9 14.1 18.6 22.1 24.9 24.3 19.5 13.9 7.6 4.3

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Distances from Creux du Van:

Lausanne City: 66.8 KM

Bern City: 76.0 KM

Geneva City: 116.6 KM

Zurich City: 176.4 KM

Basel City: 153.9 KM

Lucerne City: 164.3 KM

Winterthur City: 197.3 KM

St. Gallen City: 259.6 KM