Christmas Eve Day Holiday in Switzerland

About Christmas day Eve: The Christmas day Eve is a day before Christmas and it is celebrated with much fan and fervor in all the countries where the Christmas is celebrated with same fanfare, It could be said that almost all the English speaking nation and the others which follow Christianity including the Switzerland celebrate the Christmas Eve Holiday in Switzerland. The celebration is found to be one of the occasion which is found to be the Christian observance and it falls on the December 24 according to the Gregorian Calendar. The Christmas eve is although not a public holiday and the businesses along with all major establishments have a normal opening hours but it considered as an observance day.

How Celebrate Christmas day Eve: The Christmas eve is the evening or the entire day before the Christmas day and is a festival that commemorates the birth of Jesus which is observed around the world. The day is considered to be the one of the most significant day which is culturally significant to celebrations with the Christendom and the Western Society which is also for the same about the Christmas day which is on 25th December. The Christmas Eve Holiday in Switzerland is known to a day with Churches bell ringing along with people holding prayers in evening. The tradition is said to be in practice since when the Jesus was born which was at night and the idea is about reflecting with the fact that the expression of Christmas spirituality with the song lyrics "Silent Night, Holy Night".

The Christmas eve around the world is celebrated with cultural tradition and also praises are sung about the birth of Jesus Christ. The Christmas Eve Holiday in Switzerland and the gathering of family and friends along with singing of Christmas carols and the illumination of Christmas lights, trees, and all other decorations along with wrapping and exchanging of gifts is done in family and friends. The opening of gifts is left for the Boxing day which is the penultimate day after Christmas and the general preparation of Christmas is done with the people singing carols along with people going for the Christmas gift-bearing figures which includes Santa Claus, Father Christmas, and Saint Nicholas who are said to go for an annual trip to deliver the present to the children around the world.

The Christmas markets also support the Christmas fervor and it is very much popular in the towns and cities where one can buy all the kinds of Christmas foods and decorations. The Christmas Eve Holiday in Switzerland are known to selling the Christmas foods along with decorations of all kinds with big light displays and thus one can enjoy some hot Gluhwein as well from the markets. The local traditions of parades along with carol singing is also found to be in practice in Switzerland and the "Star Singing" is also very much popular among the children while they go for carol singing carrying a large star infant of them.

The star represented the Wisemen who was followed when Baby Jesus was born and the main Christmas meal is served on Christmas Eve along with popular foods which includes Christmas ham and scalloped potatoes with the melted cheese and the milk baked into it while the desert is often the walnut cake along with Christmas cookies.


2019 Festival Date: Tuesday, 24 December

2020 Festival Date: Thursday, 24 December

2021 Festival Date: Friday, 24 December

2022 Festival Date: Saturday, 24 December

2023 Festival Date: Sunday, 24 December

2024 Festival Date: Tuesday, 24 December

2025 Festival Date: Wednesday, 24 December

Type : Cultural

Frequency: Annual