Bus transport in Switzerland

The bus transport in Switzerland is known because of the efficient road network within the country. The Switzerland has a network of the two-lane national roads and they are known to lack a central reservation or the median which see a series of parallel road dwindling through mountain stretches. The two important motorways are A1 which runs from St. Margrethen in North-Eastern Switzerland's canton of St. Gallen through Geneva. Also, the A2 which runs from Basel in North-Western Switzerland to Chiasso in the Southern Switzerland's Canton of Ticino which is through the Gotthard Road Tunnel.

The public transport system is generally the bus transport in Switzerland and is recognized as one of the finest in the world. The dense network of road, bus and the train lines are not any way connected through long-distance buses as most of the connectivity on mountains is by the Swiss-Rail. The buses most of the time serve as feeder bus and link to train stations or the airport. Although, travelling by bus is through Switzerland and is a more relaxed and pleasant experience which is also ideal to see the country's diverse landscape which is dotted with lakes, mountains and snow-tipped Alps.

At times the bus transport in Switzerland is the most ideal way to get towards the major cities of Bern, Basel and Zurich. The more popular choice of transport remains the bus when connecting the cities within the country. The popularity of bus routes along the destinations in the neighbouring and the nearby countries such as France, Germany and Italy are also getting the connectivity by bus and more number of commuters are found to be using bus services. The Bus transport in Switzerland is known to be from very good to excellent and almost all the buses are air-conditioned which are generally the long distance ones.

The other facilities within the bus are Wi-Fi and it depends on the bus company to which the distance travelled and the availability of power sockets. The bus transport in Switzerland has video and audio equipment along with toilette and the hot and cold drinks are provided with no problems in communicating with drivers because they also speak at least one foreign language within Switzerland on more of the international routes. The prices of the bus tickets depend on the carrier which provides service and the bus companies offer the ticket discounts for group ticketing like the children, students, pensioners. The same could be said for the purchase of two way tickets as they are cheaper than buying two single tickets.

The major providers in Switzerland which are known to be a part of bus transport in Switzerland are known to be Poschi or Poschti in Swiss German dialect and the provider has distinctive yellow livery along with three-tone horn which are known to be a Swiss icon. The other one is PostBus Switzerland which operates within regional and rural services throughout the country and connects to Liechtenstein and France while the villages are connected through regional buses which depart several times throughout the day thus making the services easy and affordable for everyone.