Bundner Nusstorte Switzerland Food

Bundner Nusstorte Switzerland Food

About Bundner Nusstorte Food: Bundner Nusstorte Swiss food which is also known as Engadiner Nusstorte is the traditional sweet and is also caramalised nut-filled pastry which can be bought from Graubunden in Switzerland.The nusstorte is a recipe since 19th century and the pastries also contains nuts which is mixed into a dough but is nut filled.The Bundner Nusstorte Swiss food is made by the small independent bakers who are found almost everywhere in Graubunden.The basic pastry is found to be made of the classic shortcrust pastry which also contains sugar,flour,butter,egg and also a bit of salt.The filling is made of caramalized sugar with heavy cream milk and coarsely chopped nuts such as walnuts are added to it. Also,it can be said one of the culinary heritage of Switzerland and enjoyed by many nations.Some recipes also includes a little milk or honey and the Bunder Nusstorte Swiss food remains fresh for several months and is also provided as gifts as it is also sold abroad.

Ingredients to make shortcrust pastry:

. Plain flour: 275 gram

. Salt: 1/4 tbsp

. Caster Sugar: 75 gram

. Butter softened: 175 gram

. 1 Egg plus 1 extra, whisked for egg wash

Caramel-nut filing:

. Caster Sugar: 150 gram

. 80 ml water which is 1/3 cup

. 150 gram 1.1/2 cups walnuts, which is coarsely chopped

. Pouring cream worth 200 ml

. Honey 1 tbsp

How to make Bundner Nusstorte Swiss Food:

To make the shortcrust pastry put the ingredients in a paddle mixing bowl and slowly mix it with salt, sugar, butter and egg.The flour needs to be added and mix until the dough is formed.Then, leave the rest of the ingredients in the fridge for at-least 1 hour untill the dough gets cold and firm.Also, roll out one third of the dough on a lightly floured piece of baking paper with light floured rolling pin to size of tart ring.The storing in fridge is needed and further put it on the top of the tart. Japan Travel & Europe Travel

Just grease and place a 22 cm round, 3 cm high pastry ring on an oven tray which is lined with baking paper.The greasing of lining the base of a 22 cm round which is 3 cm high cake pan.Also,roll out the remaining two-thirds of pastry on lightly floured piece of the baking paper to 30 cm diameter.Now,transfer it to the pastry ring or cake pan by gently wrapping around a rolling pin then unroll to lay it evenly on top.The pricking of the base lightly with fork is done to find the softness and then store it in the fridge until required.

To make the caramel-nut filling just place the sugar and also water in a medium sized stainless steel in the saucepan and heat it without stirring.Also,swirl the pan occasionally from side to side and brush down pan sides with also a wet pastry brush if the crystals are formed until the caramel is a light brown color.Remove from the heat and add the coarsely chopped walnuts and cream along with stirring it to combine.The caramel may splutter and add a lot of steam which gets created while the oven needs to be preheated to 180 degree Celsius.Add a little honey and allow it completely to spread evenly over the pastry-lined ring or pan while brush gently with egg wash and remove it from the ring or pan before completely cool and then place it on wire rack.