Rhaetian Railway Switzerland Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 10-July-2021

About Rhaetian Railway Destination: Rhaetian Railway is a important railway network which total length is 384 km and its railway track Track gauge is 1 metre. The Rhaetian Railway head office is situated in Zurich city. Rhaetian Railway has total 11 route which covered Swiss countries snow capped mountains, valley, deep forest, wide grass lands and many more natural beauty.

  • Rhaetian Railway Headquartered: Chur Town, Switzerland.
  • Rhaetian Railway Headquartered Address: Bahnhofpl. 1, 7000 Chur, Switzerland.
  • Rhaetian Railway Opened Year: 1888.
  • Rhaetian Railway Total Stations: 102.
  • Rhaetian Railway Line length: 385 km.
  • Rhaetian Railway Track gauge: 1,000 mm.
  • Rhaetian Railway No. Network: 11.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 1: Landquart – Schiers – Klosters – Davos Platz.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 2: Landquart – Schiers – Klosters – Zernez – Samedan – St. Moritz
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 3: Klosters – Davos Platz.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 4: Disentis/Muster railway station – Ilanz – Chur – Landquart – Schiers – Klosters – Sagliains – Scuol-Tarasp.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 5: Davos Platz – Filisur.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 6: Chur – Arosa.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 7: Chur – Rhazuns – Thusis – Filisur – St. Moritz.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 8: Schiers – Landquart – Chur – Rhazuns.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 9: Chur – Rhazuns – Thusis.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 10: St. Moritz – Pontresina – Poschiavo – Tirano.
  • Rhaetian Railway Route 11: Scuol-Tarasp – Sagliains – Zernez – Samedan – Pontresina.

How can reach to Rhaetian Railway: Its head office is situated in Zurich city which is well connected with neighbour European countries via air, train and road transport while directly foreigners people can come to Zurich via air transport because city has the busiest airport of the Swiss countries.

Train Transport: Zurich is the main destination of the Rhaetian Railway where travelers can get trains to all other destinations of the Swiss country.

Road Transport: Switzerland has well road transport system which all cities connected to gather via high quality road transport system. Zurich city is just 121.6 KM distance from Bern, Geneva city is exact 277 KM far, Lucerne is just 52.0 KM distance, Lausanne is exact 226.7 KM distance, Basel city is just 87.4 KM far, St Gallen city is just 86.3 KM distance.

Flights Transport: Rhaetian Railway headquarter is situated in Zurich city where has Zurich international airport which is the busiest airport of the Switzerland country. Zurich airport connect Switzerland to other over seas countries via air transport.

Things to do around the Rhaetian Railway: tourists can do several enjoyment activities during Rhaetian Railway riding like photography of the beautiful nature, snow capped mountains, watch snow capped mountains, lakes, deep forest, valley and many more Swiss attractions, eat Swiss local foods, buy Swiss chocolate to gifts purpose etc.

Tourists attraction around the Rhaetian Railway: tourists can watch several attractions during Rhaetian Railway riding like the following.

Landquart – Schiers – Klosters – Davos Platz Route attractions: Gotschnagrat - Mountain peak, Weissfluh - Mountain peak, Parsenn - Ski resort, Jakobshorn - Mountain peak, Jatzmeder - Ski resort, Madrisa - Mountain peak, Ratschenhorn - Mountain peak, Tiejer Flue - Mountain peak etc.

Chur – Rhazuns – Thusis – Filisur – St. Moritz Route attractions: Piz Curver - Mountain peak, Piz Toissa - Mountain peak, Statzerhorn - Mountain peak, Arosa Lenzerheide, Aroser Weisshorn - Mountain peak, Gurgaletsch - Mountain peak, Valbella - Ski resort, Rote Platte etc. Switzerland tour holiday is a nice idea to Rhaetian Railway riding to watch Switzerland country snow capped mountains.

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