Plage De La Savonniere Beach Geneva Switzerland Tour

Posted by: Admin; Date: 22-Aug-2022

About The Jardin des Tuileries Paris Destination: Tuileries Garden is a famous places in Paris city of the France country, Europe. the Tuileries Garden was opened in 16th century which is now a famous tourists destination in city. It was a former royal family garden.

  • Plage De La Savonniere Beach Location: Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Plage De La Savonniere Beach Address: Chem. Armand-Dufaux 13, 1245 Collonge-Bellerive, Switzerland.
  • Plage De La Savonniere Beach Length: 500 metres.
  • Plage De La Savonniere Beach Ticket Price (Entry Fee): FREE.
  • Plage De La Savonniere Beach Timings (Open Hours): 8.00 am to 11.00 pm.

How Can Reach to The Jardin des Tuileries Paris: It is placed in Paris capital city of the France country. Paris city is good connected to other French and other European countries via air, road, train transport while other foreign countries passengers can come via air transport directly.

By Air Transport: Paris capital city has a busy international airport where people can get flights to all over world which name is Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

By train Transport: Paris city has a busy railway junction where people can get train transport services to European countries and French domestic places.

Things to Do near of The Jardin des Tuileries Paris: passengers can do several types activities in Paris capital city which some adventure and recreation types such as spend time at city's famous parks & gardens, enjoy at water parks & amusement parks, enjoy water sports into the River Seine like swimming, fishing, boating and other activities, watch Paris city modern and historical buildings, watch city's historical monuments, watch old Royal family official residence palace, eat French local street foods, shopping memorable gifts items etc.

Tourists attractions near of the Jardin des Tuileries Paris: passengers can view several popular places in Paris capital city which some are the following.

Attractions near Jardin des Tuileries Garden: Petit Plisson aux Tuileries - Fast food restaurant, Fete foraine des Tuileries - Fairground, August Nicholas Cain statue "Lion et Sanglier" - Historical landmark, Pavillon des Tuileries - French restaurant, Cafe des Marronniers - French restaurant, Statue of Hannibal Barca - Historical landmark, Bassin octogonal - Historical landmark, Petit Farmers - Sundae restaurant etc.

Other attractions in Paris capital city: Monument a Pierre Marie Rene Ernest Waldeck-Rousseau, Jeu de Paume - Art museum, Grand Bassin Rond - Historical landmark, Grande Roue - Park, Carrousel Garden, Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel - Monument, Societe des Amis du Louvre - Cultural association, Louvre Pyramid - Cultural landmark, Departement des Arts de l'Islam du Musee du Louvre - Museum, Galerie d'Apollon - Art gallery, Antiquites egyptiennes Musee du Louvre - Archaeological museum, Saint-Jacques Tower - Historical place, Square of Saint-Jacques Tower - City park, Sainte-Chapelle - Chapel, Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris etc. Switzerland holiday travel ; Europe holiday travel is a good plan to Jardin des Tuileries Garden tour which is placed in Paris capital city of the French country, Europe.

Japan holiday travel is a good idea to Okazaki city tour which is located in Japan country. Okazaki is a modern city which is situated near of the Nagoya metropolitan port city. Okazaki city is a well idea to explore Japan economy and social culture in modern life. Okazaki is just 54.2 KM distance from Nagoya metropolitan city which is good connected to other Japanese places via air, road, train and water transport.

Okazaki city some popular places to visit are Okazaki-City Higashi Koen (Zoo), Wanwan Zoo, Okazaki Central Park, The World Children's Art Museum - Children's museum, Kawano-Pond, Blueberry Farm OKAZAKI, Okazaki City Ryuhoku Athletic Park, Kagoda Park, Okazaki Park, Anjo City Museum of History - Heritage museum, Okazaki Shinkin Bank Museum, Okazaki City Museum - Art museum, Kota Chomin Hall - Concert hall, Hirahara Falls, Katahara Onsen - Ajisai no Sato, Iwatsukita Park, Shinpuku-ji Temple - Buddhist temple, Okuyamada weeping cherry tree, Toyota Kaikan Museum - Technology museum etc.