Parc de l'Indien Geneva Switzerland Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 8-Aug-2022

About The Parc de l'Indien Geneva Destination: Parc de l'Indien is a good destination to spend time in Geneva city of the Switzerland country. the Parc de l'Indien is located just near of the city lake.

  • Parc de l'Indien Location: Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Parc de l'Indien Address: 1207 Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Parc de l'Indien Ticket Price (Entry Fee): FREE.
  • Parc de l'Indien Timings (Open Hours): 8.00 am to 6.00 pm.

How Can Reach to The Parc de l'Indien Geneva: Geneva is a global city where foreign countries passengers can come via air transport from all over world.

By Air Transport: Geneva international airport is the main airport of the city where people can get air transport to overseas countries and domestic places.

By train Transport: Geneva Travel Terminals is the central railway station where people can get trains transport services to other European and other Swiss domestic places.

Things to Do near of The Parc de l'Indien Geneva: people can do many types of the things to do in Geneva international city which some are enjoy variety of the water sports into the city lake like swimming, fishing, parasailing, boating, cruise ship riding, kayaking etc. watch city famous museums, which Geneva city's famous UNO head office of the different departments, explore Swiss local people modern life and social activities, eat Switzerland local street delicious foods, shopping city's famous mall etc.

Tourists attractions near of the Parc de l'Indien Geneva: passengers can view several places in Geneva city which some are the following.

Attractions near of the Parc de l'Indien: Le Tunnel - Indoor lodging, Iron Bodyfit Frontenex-Geneve - Fitness center, Route de Frontenex - Fishing club, The Green Van Company - Restaurant, The Eye Of Jewelry - Jewelry store, Geneve-Eaux-Vives - Transit stop, Pataugeoire du parc La Grange - Swimming pool, Parc canin du Parc de la Grange - Dog park, Scene Ella Fitzgerald - Concert hall, Theatre de l'Orangerie - Performing arts theater etc.

Other attractions in Geneva modern city: Les Corsaires - Boat club, Jetee des Eaux-Vives - Marina, Lighthouse of the Eaux-Vives, The Geneva Water Fountain, Baby-Plage - Lake shore swimming area, Geneve Eaux Vives - Ferry terminal, Phare des Pâquis, Monument national, Reloj de las flores, Jardin Anglais - Park, Geneve Jardin Anglais - Ferry terminal, Musee Barbier-Mueller - Museum, Musee Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Museum, Statue Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Historical landmark, Pont du Mont-Blanc - Bridge, Brunswick Monument, Le Jardin des Alpes Geneve, Port Wilson, Musee d'histoire des sciences de la Ville de Geneve- Museum etc. Europe tour vacation ; Switzerland tour vacation is a well plan to Parc de l'Indien tour which is situated in Geneva city of the Switzerland country.

Japan tour vacation is a well idea to Sakata city tour which is placed in western coast of the Japan country. Sakata city is placed on bank of River Mogami and city's other side also has deep forest. Sakata city is located on shore of the Japan Sea which is also a coastal city. Sakata city is good connected to other Japanese destination via air, water, road and train transport. Tokyo city is exact 497.7 KM distance from from Sakata coastal city.

Sakata city has lots of famous destinations to visit which some are The Ken Domon Museum of Photography - Art museum, Ohama beach - Scenic spot, Minato Oasis Sakata Sakata Marine Center - Museum, Sakata North Port Green Space Observatory (Sakata Lighthouse), Chokainomori Observatory, Nihonkaihigashi Park, Wakahama Park, Homma Museum, Home Center Musashi - Home improvement store, Home Deco Mashima - Home goods store, FamilyMart Sakata Miyaumi - Convenience store, Sakata Port South Breakwater, Sakata Museum of Art, Tohoku Brewery Kura Exploration Museum, Dewa Ohashi Bridge, Miyanoura Bridge, Sakata City Hall etc.