Museum Muhlerama Zurich Switzerland Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 26-June-2023

About Museum Muhlerama Zurich Destination: Museum Muhlerama is a famous museum which is placed in Zurich city of the Switzerland country, Europe. The Museum Muhlerama provides awareness about food production.

  • Museum Muhlerama Location: Zurich City, Switzerland.
  • Museum Muhlerama Address: Seefeldstrasse 231, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Museum Muhlerama Ticket Price (Entry Fee): PAID.
  • Museum Muhlerama Timings (Open Hours): 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm
  • Museum Muhlerama Closed Day: Moday.

How can reach to Museum Muhlerama Zurich: It is situated in Zurich commercial city of the Switzerland country. Zurich commercial city is very nice jointed to other European countries and other Switzerland regional places via air, train and road transport. Rest of countries people can come to Zurich commercial city via air transport where has a busy international airport.

Train Transport: Zurich city has an international railway station where passengers can get trains to not only other Switzerland regional places but also other European countries.

Flights Transport: Zurich airport is the main airport of the Zurich city where people can get domestic and international both types air flights.

Things to do around Museum Muhlerama Zurich: people can do different types things to do in Zurich commercial city which some are watch different types of the museums, enjoy time at city parks, amusement theme parks, city animals zoo, water parks, watch city historical buildings & monuments, eat Switzerland local street foods, shopping gifts from notable streets etc.

Tourists attraction around Museum Muhlerama Zurich: passengers can watch several modern and historical places in Zurich commercial city which some are the following.

Attractions near Museum Muhlerama: nicole cornaz goldschmiedin - Goldsmith, BEE Digital Growth AG - Business management consultant, Teo Jakob AG - Furniture store, Millers - Performing arts theater, ACTIV FITNESS - Fitness center, Kornsilo - Cafe, Blaue Ente - Swiss restaurant, mirDesign GmbH Juvels - Goldsmith, Tiefenbrunnen park etc.

Other popular places in Zurich commercial city: Verein Natur im Siedlungsraum - Wildlife refuge, Hedwig Stunzi Terrasse - Observation deck, Strandbad Tiefenbrunnen - Outdoor swimming pool, Zurichsee Kreisel - Observation deck, Heimatschutzzentrum in der Villa Patumbah - Museum, Tropenhauser im Botanischen Garten der Universitat - Botanical garden, Seeburgpark - Park, Gemeinschaftszentrum (GZ) Riesbach - Recreation center etc. Switzerland holiday trip is a well idea to Museum Muhlerama tour which is placed in Zurich commercial city of the Switzerland country. Thailand holiday trip and UAE Dubai holiday trip booking.

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