Japan Holiday to Lake Mashu Hokkaido Tour Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 21-March-2021

About Lake Mashu Hokkaido Destination: Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo are beautiful tourist place in Hokkaido prefecture of the Japan county. These lakes nearest town is Teshikaga where tourists can come easily via train and road transport.

It is a beautiful and natural lake which is also a clean water lake where tourists can enjoy boating, fishing and also can spend spare time. in winter season this lake freeze while in summer season come lots of tourists to spend holiday when its all snow melts.

How Can Reach to Lake Mashu Hokkaido: It is well connected to other domestic places via air, road and train transport. Its nearest domestic airport is only 60 KM distance and train is only 22 KM far.

By Air Transport: Nakashibetsu Airport is a near airport which is exact 60.2 KM distance from Lake Mashu .
Memanbetsu Airport is an another airport which is just 71.4 KM far from Lake Mashu. These both airports are domestic airport where tourists can get flights to another major domestic airport of the Japan country.

By Train Transport: Kawayuonsen Station is a nearest railway station which is only 22.1 KM distance from Lake Mashu. People can get here trains to Sapporo city and another places. Tourists can get bullet train from Sapporo to Tokyo and another places.

By Road Transport: Road No. 391, Road No. 243 and Road No. 241 connect Lake Mashu to other places of the Japan country. Lake Mashu is just 0 KM distance from Sapporo city, Sendai is just 348.5 KM far, Tokyo is exact 1444 KM distance, Osaka is just 1936 KM far and Kyoto city is exact 1891 KM distance.

Things to Do near in Lake Mashu Hokkaido: travelers can enjoy here many activities like walking on lake edge, fishing, boating, photography, swimming and participate in local people cultural activities, eat Japanese local foods and shopping Japanese memorable things etc.

Tourists attractions in Lake Mashu Hokkaido: Around the lake has several natural places to visit like Lake Mashu Observatory No.1, Lake Mashu Observatory No.2, Mount Kamui - Mountain peak, Uramashu Observatory, Lake Mashu Observatory No.3, Mount Io - Mountain peak, Lake Kussharo, Bihoro Pass - spot, Sunayu, kussharo kotan Ainu Folklore Museum, Ikeno-yu hot spring. Japan travel tour is a good idea to enjoy holiday in Hokkaido prefecture where several famous and natural lakes such as Lake Mashu, Lake Akan and Lake Kussharo.

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