Ichikawa City Japan Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 14-March-2022

About Ichikawa city destination: Ichikawa is a suburb of the greater Tokyo which is situated in Japan country. Ichikawa is coastal city which is exact 17.5 KM distance from Tokyo city centre. Ichikawa is a good destination to explore Japanese people social and cultural activities. the city covered one side by Sea shore and three other sides covered by other Tokyo suburbs. Ichikawa is a modern city where has all types facilities of the modern age. Tokyo is the central capital city of the Japan country which is also a coastal city. Tokyo city is situated in eastern of the Japan country.

Ichikawa city is good connected to other foreign countries via road air transport and water transport. Ichikawa city is just 17.5 KM far from Tokyo city centre, Osaka city is just 518.3 KM distance, Kobe city is just 541.2 KM distance, Sendai city is just 343.9 KM far, Nagoya city is just 368.5 KM distance, Niigata city is exact 351.7 KM distance, Kyoto city is just 473.3 KM distance, Hiroshima city is just 828.2 KM distance.

Japan is famous tourists destination in Asia region which is situated in eastern of the Russia and Korean countries. Japan country neighbour countries are Russia, North Korea, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Philippines. Japan is a fully developed and rich country in Asia region. Japan country also know in all over world about its modern technology and automobile products. Japan country major cities are Tokyo capital city, Osaka business commercial city, Hiroshima historical city, Nara ancient city and many more. Japan holiday trip and Europe holiday trip .

How can come to Ichikawa city: Ichikawa is a sub city of the Greater Tokyo capital city which is well connected to all over world via air transport and water transport. Passengers can come to Ichikawa city from Japanese domestic places via road transport, train transport, air transport and water transport. Japan country has modern transport system where has world fast trains networks and latest air transport system.

Hinode Pier - Ferry terminal: Hinode Pier is a busy international ferry terminal where passengers can get ferry / ship services to other foreign countries and domestic places. Japan country mostly major cities are also as coastal city where also has ferry / ship terminals.

Haneda Airport - International airport: Haneda Airport is the busiest international airport of the Japan country which is situated in Tokyo suburb where passengers can get flights to foreign countries and domestic places. Japan country has excellent air transport network.

Narita International Airport: it is the second international airport near of the Tokyo city where passengers can get domestic and international flights.

Ichikawa city tourists attractions: Ichikawa city has several famous destinations to visit which some historical and some modern such as Gyotoku Yacho no Rakuen (Bird Sanctuary) - Park, ENEOS Ichikawa Sunrise Golf Center - Golf driving range, Shunkaen Bonsai Museum, Chiba Museum of Science and Industry - Science museum, Nakayama Racecourse, I-Link Town Observation Deck, Shinozaki Park, Matsushima Sanchome Park, Edogawa City Hall, Ōyata Minami Park, Yagiri no Watashi, Mizumoto Sports Center Park etc.

Ichikawa city famous Restaurants & accommodations: Ichikawa city has lots of hotels accommodations and Restaurants such as Tikka House - Indian restaurant, Danphe Asian Kitchen - Nepalese restaurant, Palava HUT - West African restaurant, Market Restaurant Agio Ichikawa shop - Italian restaurant, WOW!- Restaurant, Yama Pizza - Restaurant, Waiwai - Yakiniku restaurant, Kagi no Hana - Izakaya restaurant, Ichikawa Shokudo - Syokudo and Teishoku restaurant, PASTINOVA SHAPO ICHIKAWA - Italian restaurant etc.