Geneva City Tour Guide, Distance, Attractions & Weather Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 5-Nov-2021

About Geneva city destination: Geneva is a beautiful city in Switzerland country of the Europe region. Geneva is a placed on bank of the natural lake which also called Geneva Lake. Geneva is the second largest populated city of the Switzerland country after Zurich city. Geneva city is also called global city because where has lots of headquarters of UNO's departments.

Geneva is a most famous tourist place in Europe which is just near of the France country and Italy country border. Geneva city has big influence of the French and Germany speaking languages people. Geneva is also a historical city which is just 159.0 KM distance from Bern capital city, Zurich city is just 277.6 KM far and Basel city is just 254.3 KM distance. Switzerland holiday tour and UK London holiday tour

Geneva City Weather Temperature

Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average Low (℃) -1.3 -1.0 1.6 4.8 9.1 12.3 14.4 14.0 10.8 7.4 2.4 0.1
Average High (℃) 4.5 6.3 11.2 14.9 19.7 23.5 26.5 25.8 20.9 15.4 8.8 5.3

How can come to Geneva city: Geneva is a landlocked city which is placed just border of the France country and Italy country border is also not far. foreign countries tourists can come to Geneva via air transport. Geneva city has international airport which is the second busiest airport of the Swiss country.

Distances from Geneva Cit:-

  • Geneva City is just 265 KM distance from Lucerne city.
  • Geneva City is just 159.0 KM distance from Bern city.
  • Geneva City is just 359.0 KM distance from St. Gallen city.
  • Geneva City is just 288.0 KM distance from Zug Town.
  • Geneva City is just 285.0 KM distance from Zurich city.
  • Geneva City is just 254.0 KM distance from Basel city.
  • Geneva City is just 298.0 KM distance from Winterthur city.
  • Geneva City is just 63.3 KM distance from Lausanne City.

Geneva International airport is just 4.0 KM distance from city centre. It is the second busiest international airport of the Switzerland country after Zurich international airport. tourists can get here international flights to all over world.

Geneva-Secheron railway station is the busiest railway station of the Geneva city where tourists can get trains to other European countries and domestic cities. Tourists can travel from one country to another by on visa in all Europe and can move via road transport, train transport and air transport from one European country to other.

Geneva city famous tourist paces: Geneva is a very beautiful with cool temperature city where passengers can watch several historical places and modern tourists places to visit which are Palais des Nations - Conference center, International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Musee Ariana - Museum, Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Geneva - Botanical garden, Statue de Gandhi - Monument, La Console (CJBG) - Museum, Musee d'histoire des sciences de la Ville de Geneva - Museum, Palais Wilson - Historical landmark, The Geneva Water Fountain etc.

Geneva city famous restaurants & accommodations: the city has many popular restaurants and hotels accommodations to stay which some are Eat Me Restaurant Geneva, Chez ma Cousine - Restaurant, Eat Me Restaurant Geneva, Intensus - Fine dining restaurant, Il Lago - Italian restaurant, Casanova - Restaurant, Living Room Bar & Kitchen - Restaurant, Chat-Botte - European restaurant, Restaurant Asia garden Geneve - Wok restaurant, The Indus - Indian restaurant, Windows - Restaurant, Buvette des Bains - Restaurant, Restaurant Les 5 Portes etc.

Geneva is a good destination to enjoy summer vacation and winter vacation. Lots of people come to Geneva in summer season to enjoy holiday in cool weather. tourists also can enjoy boating in lake where people also can do water sports activities in Lake.