Essen City Germany Europe Holiday Destination

Posted by: Admin; Date: 25-April-2022

About Essen City destination: Essen is a modern city of the Germany country which is located western of the country. Essen is a good destination to explore Germany country local people social and culture activities. Essen city has modern age entertainment places such as amusement parks, water parks, cinema theaters and performing arts theaters. Essen city is good connected to other International cities via air transport. It is good destination o explore Germany country local people modern life style.

Essen city is nice jointed to other Germany domestic places via road transport. Essen city is just 98.8 KM distance from Bonn city, Cologne city is just 71.7 KM distance, Dusseldorf city is exact 35.8 KM far, Dortmund city is just 38.4 KM far, Berlin city is exact 531.9 KM distance, Hamburg city is just 361.5 KM distance, Frankfurt city is just 249.9 KM far, Munich city is just 633.9 KM distance.

Germany is fully developed country of the Europe region which is located in central of the Europe land. Germany country major cities are Berlin city, Munich city and Hamburg city. Germany country central capital city is Berlin city which is just 532.0 KM distance from Essen city. Germany country is covered by nine countries land border which names are Switzerland, Austria country, Poland country, Czechia country, Denmark country, Netherlands country, Belgium country, France country and Luxembourg city. Germany is a largest economy country of the Europe region. Europe tour trip and Japan tour trip .

How can come to Essen City: Essen is located in western of the Germany country which is well connected to other Germany domestic places via road transport, air transport and train transport. people can come to Essen city from other European countries via air transport, train transport and road transport.

Essen - Travel Terminals: Essen central railway station is the main terminal of the trains where tourists can get trains to other Germany domestic places and other European countries also. tourists can move from one European country to other via only one visa.

Dusseldorf International Airport: Dusseldorf Airport is an international airport which is the nearest major airport of the Essen city. Germany country has several international airport of which are located its major cities.

Essen City tourists attractions: Essen city has many famous places to visit which some ancient and some modern such as Villa Hugel - Historical place, Museum Folkwang - Modern art museum, UNESCO-Welterbe Zollverein - Historical place, Mineralien-Museum, Bochum Dahlhausen Railway Museum, LWL Industrial Museum Henrichshutte Hattingen, Grugapark Essen - Botanical garden, Erlebnismuseum Schloss Horst - Castle, ZOOM Erlebniswelt Gelsenkirchen - Zoo, Palmkirmes Recklinghausen, Castle Bladenhorst etc.

Essen City famous Restaurants & accommodations: Essen city has several popular hotels accommodations to stay nights and days which includes affordable and luxury types. Essen city has several famous restaurants such as Habana Restaurant - Cuban restaurant, Suvai Bar & Restaurant - Indian restaurant, Restaurant Hubertusburg - Steak house, Zagreb Grill - Croatian restaurant, Mongo's Restaurant Essen - Asian restaurant, Kava & Meze - Griechisches Restaurant, Taj Restaurant & Catering, Restaurant Diosmos - Greek restaurant, Haris Indian Restaurant - Bochum - Indian restaurant etc.