Air transport in Switzerland

The Air Transport in Switzerland is mostly confined to the International travel and it has few international airport with paved runways. The city has few international airport as follows:

1. Zurich Airport

2. Geneva Airport

3. EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

4. Bern Airport

5. Lugano Airport

6. Heliports-1

The Zurich Airport is also called as Kloten Airport and is located in Kloten within the Canton of Zurich and it is known for the largest International flight gateway thus paving the way for better air transport in Switzerland. The airport handles 27.6 million passengers in 2016 and the airport is well managed with car park, midfield terminal and the automated underground train services within the new terminal.

The air transport in Switzerland is known for it's competitiveness and smooth operations which could be understood by the following key points:

. It supports more than 207,000 jobs and contributes money worth CHF of 26.8 Billion to GDP which also accounts for 4.1% of Swiss GDP.

Main Industry priorities:

1. Industry Competitiveness

2. Aviation Security

3. Infrastructure Capacity Development (Ground and Air)

4. Environment and Sustainability

5. Operational Costs( Airport and ANSP Charges)

6. Industry Events

The air transport in Switzerland is known to help the IATA with the further policy:

. It ensures the further infrastructure investments which are both on the ground and also in the air which is very much cost-efficient and developed in consultation with the users.

. Limit any night time restrictions which affect airports and the airlines operating hours which increases the consumer choice.

. Avoid introducing any additional environment taxes along with implementing the Carbon Offsetting Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) with effective tool and reduce the aviation's carbon footprint on the environment.

The main airlines which constitute the Air transport in Switzerland are listed here:

. Chair Airlines

. EasyJet Switzerland

. Edelweiss Air

. Helvetic Airways

. Swiss International Air Lines

Few of the others are Chartered airlines which give services to the people who love to travel with their own few people such as Office group or family along with Ski-Lovers:

. Air Glaciers

. Cat Aviation

. Dasnair

. ExecuJet Europe

. Gama Aviation

. Jet Aviation

Safety requirements and airfare regulations

The Swiss aviation is known to go for the highest safety regulations and even the private flights which operate within the air transport in Switzerland needs to comply with the general safety requirements and even the flights which operate on international routes comply with the same safety standards. Although, the airfares are regulated by the air carriers, tour operators and travel agencies on the Swiss territory and the EU and Swiss carriers are free to set airfares as there is no regulatory approval for setting up of Air-travel.

The air transport in Switzerland is known to be highly integrated with the EU Internal Market and also is a very important aspect for the air transport agreement between EU and Swiss Confederation.

The agreement provides the modern framework & high standards through these aspects:

. Passenger Rights

. Air Traffic Management

. Economic Regulation

. Competition issues

. Social aspects

. Broad and deep aviation partnership

With the help of agreement for the air transport in Switzerland the EU and Swiss Confederation got signed on 21 June 1999 and it got enforced on 1 June 2002 and as per the regulations the EU and Swiss airlines operate direct flights between any airport in EU and Switzerland thus making the air transport being the best way to connect throughout European Union and other countries and continents.